Sunday, December 9, 2007

You're a mean one Mr.Grinch!

This is a full frontal and back veiw pic of Krampus and he is listed for 2 more days on ebay here is the link :

So much to do, so little time!

Wow, it's already crunch time and I'm so usual ! I managed to make a deadline for my HA 31 doll group, for this guy on the left.

Krampus, is a character originating from Teutonic countries and Germany. Apparently he is the bad side to Christmas ( I never new there was such a thing !)
The naughty list has to fall to someone to enforce, that's what the twig switch is for, and as if that wasn't enough to scar the little children for life, he is supposed to carry a basket on his shoulders to whisk away all those naughty kids !
Can you imagine, those poor kids must of been too afraid of Christmas to hope for anything other than not to be on the naughty list. All a bit too dark a theme for kids as far as I'm concerned.
But anywho this is my interpretation of old krampy, he's made of mostly vintage materials that I've had in my studio for a while. His body and wings are made of linen, the switch is from an old twig wreath that I took apart.

I've made his head out of paperclay over a vintage linen fabric and of course his fur was also from vintage left over halloween fabric. ( my son was a werewolf on year) I again used a dimensional medium over metallic and regular acrylics paints for his eyes.
He is string and button jointed at the shoulders and hips, for limited and gentle positioning, but cannot stand on his own.