Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not so bad....

sculpting with " Sculpt-It" after all, I think I'm getting the hang of it!!! And the strength of the clay has sold me on it!!!The drying /curing time takes longer, you can't really do the sculpt as fast as you would with other air dry clays,
I let it dry for at least 3 days which is ok for me cause I can work on other things...
Here's DEMMY ( short for Demented hahaha!!?)




Want to win some fabulous art? Although I'm not participating, go on over and check out all the awesome giveaways of the DAG (Dark Artist Guild) treasure hunt to find out who's participating!!! If I did this right you can click on the picture to take you there , but if I didn't then click here DAG Treasure Hunt....

The Treasure Hunt began on July 22
and runs through August 7, 2009!! (I'm sorry I'm a little late!!!!)
1) Be a follower on DAG (Dark Artist Guild) blog,
2) Become a Follower on Participating Blogs
3) Leave a Comment in the Contest Posts!

TREASURE HUNTERS are looking for the Dark Artist Guild Icons
... ON Participating Blogs in order to find the contest post!
GRAND PRIZE: OOAK Mad Hatter Art Doll

Enter the contest on ALL the participating blogs gets you an entry to win the Grand Prize from DAG's blog! Donation of the Mad Hatter courtesy of DAG member, Marzel.
The Treasure Hunt begins July 22
and runs through August 7, 2009!!

Blessings, Flora

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

All together at last!!!!

Well I guess Buford will have to put up with his other brother's shenannigans after all!!

He was the only one of the pumpkin brothers left and as perturbed as he was with them I think he secretly missed them but thanks to the lovely Anne, who purchased the other brothers they will be all together at last!!!
I have to say that I appreciate all my customers, the responses I get from them are so sweet and so heart warming and much appreciated too!!!
I have permission to share parts of this email from Anne, so that you could see the ditty she took the time to compose !!!!

Hello Flora,
I got home late last night, and found that your package had arrived.....hooray!!
When I opened the first pumpkin man, it was Beauregard. He is absolutely darling! The grin on his face is priceless.
Bubba is so cute, and the expression on his face is wonderful.
Bubba and Beauregard are true Southern gents,
It's a shame to leave Buford alone on the fence
So, pack him up and lets keep the brothers three
Then forward another paypal to me

Thank you so much, it was a treat to open this box!

I thought it was too cute not to share!!! Thanks a bunch Anne, maybe I'll get you to do my poems/ditties from now on?!!!!!

I also need to say something about another wonderful, regular customer of mine, who I truly adore, her emails are so funny!!! I blogged just a little bit about her not long ago and I wanted so much to share one particular email of hers too. But I think I would have had to post all of her delightful and hilarious words in order for it to be truly appreciated, I had to respect her privacy so I couldn't... Yes Ms.Dana, I'm talking about you!!!


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Don't you...???

Just LOVE presents??!!! I do , especially the ones I just recieved today from the one and only Doreen Frost of Vermont Harvest !!!, we were swap partners in a Christmas swap for Prim and Whimsy Girls!! This was my swap gift to her, I made "Mr. Coolie" to look like him!! I was so tickled to hear that she loved him!!

And Oh my just look at what sweet Doreen Frost sent me!!!They are so lovely, the scented wax ornies are so heavenly!!!I have been drooling for them for so long
I knew they would smell just like they do!!! And look at my adorable punkin head
ornie too, isn't he the cutest thing!!!THANKS SO MUCH DOREEN!!!!!I think I'll hang them up now!!!!

After all it's never too early to get into the spirit of the holidays!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Absent-minded moon

Where Did I..?

Now where did I put that star ?
I saw her sparkle and glimmer from afar.
Then tucked her in safely on starlight at dawn
or was it moonbeams that I placed her on?
It might have been in stardust,very near to twilight
But still far enough from midnight !
by Flora Thompson


fleshing out

Trying out a different head

settling on this one, who was initialy going to be a hanging ornie

fleshing out hands.


sanding needed

The excitement is flowing and the crowds keep growing for the upcoming celebration at " SpookyTimeJingles ", sure to be a smash, first birthday bash!!!So for a RAWKIN' rollicking, goodtime with suprizes and prizes, come on over to "SpookyTimeJingles" and you too can " co-mingle "...


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And now .....

Something a little easier on the eyes

Gentle Snow
A gentle snow has fallen over night,
for all to see in early morning light.
It's gossamer beauty blankets the land,
And I'm a child once again, catching
snowflakes on my hand.
A gentle snow begins to fall , I think
I'll make a snowman afterall.
by Flora Thompson

Mr. Coolie will be up for the SpookyTimeJingles update, he and Skellybat are only 2 of 6 of my ornaments. I also brought back the Pumpkin Brothers, here's
" Bubba "

This is a new character that I call

And a full puresculpt called the
" Absent-Minded Moon "

The excitement is flowing and the crowds keep growing for the upcoming celebration at " SpookyTimeJingles ", sure to be a smash, first birthday bash!!!So for a RAWKIN' rollicking, goodtime with suprizes and prizes, come on over to "SpookyTimeJingles" and you too can " co-mingle "...

I'll leave you with a few WIP's:


Monday, July 6, 2009

Things that go bump....

In the night....


In a place void of light
quite hidden from sight
He waits to take flight
in that cold,dusky night.

by Flora Thompson

Yes he is CREEPY !!!!HELLO!!!! what were you expecting? hehehe!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Responding to ....

Sargent's Art Sculpt-It! clay, I figured it was better to answer this way about the comments. Although it isn't my most favorite clay, I really didn't mind it.
I tried to get better pictures to show how the piece looked after I took a wet stiff bristle, nylon brush and rubbed the entire surface firmly, it seemed to respond much better, than with the sanding for smoothing out the clay, but only after it had dried a couple of days . I did this so that the shrinkage and cracking would all be done with. I also rolled out the clay fairly thick and placed the wet foam core base on it and then smoothed out the ends.

Isn't it rather strange that this tophat stayed so smooth and without cracking,
but the head did have cracks and puckering.I think that the clay application to the head was much thinner and that's why it had different results? but the brim still needs some smoothing.

I think this clay would be FANTASTIC for Balljoint dollmaking ,So I'm gonna give that a go, soon...
Let me know if there are any more questions I can answer for anyone.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I love to try out new clay, so when I saw this at my Hobby Lobby, I quickly bought it and began to create.
It was so yummy looking, trancelucent and creamy, but it had a strange medicinal smell ... kinda odd..iodine, that's what it smelled like, no it REEKED of it!!!

But I thought ok I'll give it a try and it was a bit like what I think a polymer would behave like? Only I could add a little water and it smoothed easily, hmmm I think I like this...

Wrong it tugged a lot and when dry, every little imperfection showed up???!!!I couldn't even get my sandpaper to work on it!!!?? So I gave my Dremel a try, no luck there either???!!!!??
Wow this stuff is pretty indestructible!!! I'm not too happy about the shrinking either, because it liked to crack? So I added a bit of fresh clay to it and that seemed to do the trick.

Well I think I know what I'm going to try with this next time...