Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kinda early.....

....for Halloween ? Nah it's never too early but sometimes it can be too late ? I made these last year but thought it was time to show them off and hopefully sell them as well!!!It's working cause one sold already !!!

It's a cold day in...Devil

Give us a little taste...Vampire

“ Where Ghoulies Be “

Come play with me ,
Where ghoulies be ,
By the big black tree !
And you shall see ,
What fun we’ll have ,
Just you and meeeeeeee !

by F. Thompson
It's an older ditty reworked for my little ghouls and seems to fit quite well for them ,dontcha think ? You can find out about them now on SpookyTimeJingles
more later...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hippity Hoppity ....

Easters on it's way...

Rabbit ,Oh Rabbit

Rabbit , oh rabbit ,wipe the sleep from your eyes .
Winter has gone and now Springtime arrives.
In pastures of green ,a warm breeze is blowing
with the scent of it's sweet clover growing.
Rabbit ,oh rabbit without further delay
Let's celebrate in this lovely Springday .

by Flora Thompson

Jack and Jackie Rabbit
Bunny Foo-Foo
Just incase you're wondering, wellllll...
In my magical clock it's just at a smidge at it's never too late and never a second past you're right on time...for the magic of SpookyTimeJingles to begin again...
So don't be late time is on your side...I'll leave you with some more wips.

rough sketch of idea
cleaner idea
Is that you?
There's my little chick!!!

ear armature
We have ears!!!
I can hear!!!
Nekid boy...!

See Ya!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just Wips... no chains please....

Couldn't help myself....A quick sneak peek on what I'm working on for STJ...

More to come...