Monday, January 31, 2011


So I thought it was time for me to keep up with the times and added an emailing list on the right of my blog as suggested
by the very talented Vania Cruz-Perez of Fantasy Whispers Thank you Vania!!!
Well I thought, that was easy!!Yay!!!...not! I thought maybe nobody loved me, for shame...KINKS!! Apparently I never got the notices when I had gotten new subscribers, so somebody does love me afterall!!! I think I got it all fixed now!!!
BUT I'm not so sure that I will be doing an update this month
I feel like I need a bit off time? I am doing some WIPS at the moment so if I get em' done I'll post pic's and notify my dear subscribers!!! Oh yes, do make sure to visit SpookyTimeJingles and do the "circuit" to see all the goodies when you go, Because!!! You'll never know what treasures are in store with so many wonders for the eyes, I'm sure there's something to adore, so go and buy a whimsie or two and maybe even just one more!!! SEE YA!!!