Sunday, October 9, 2011

Well maybe I wasn't ...

so lucky after all...I had a medical issue to take care of these last few weeks due to a shattered kneecap !!!ugh!!! still makes me shudder thinking about it , I slipped on some water in my own kitchen.I'm on the mend and mostly don't need my pain pills anymore,!!!YAY!!!
They made the pain go away but left me so sleepy and unable to really concentrate on doing my art, believe me I tried...

But on a lighter note I won a fantastic candle from my sweet friend April Harres Folky Art Candles it is the Pomegranate scented one, simply gorgeous!!!And my dear friend Edna of Plum Thicket Folk Art sent me a box of wonderful china paints ,just because???!!! She is such a dear sweet lady and both these ladies are talented to boot, so please go visit and tell em' I said Hi!!!
Needless to say no update today...Thank you April and Edna and all my friends for the emails.
More later ,See Ya!!!!