Sunday, October 26, 2008

Times a wastin'!!!

Goodness where does it all go, I closed my eyes friday night and low and behold it's Sunday! I've been meaning to finish this project for quite a while but life has had other plans for me so I'm playing catch-up with this sculpt! I have pic's of the little guys too but as usual I can't find them?? Anywho back to my work, " no rest for the weary" ..or is it " the wicked " ? hehehe!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm the nip at your nose.......

FrostFairy # 2, I'm not sure about her coloring, I used a darker green than I wanted and I feel that she is too " old " looking ,I would rather have had her brighter, to bring her whimsy out? But there is something about her that says " unique ", I actually thought of just keeping her but I might put her up on SpookyTimeJingles.for the November offering.

I had to show everyone my sweetie pie granddaughter Kinsley, who is about to celebrate her first halloween and of course that means a visit to the pumpkin patch,and as all fashionable young babies do, she had to get just the right outfit for this special occasion! Isn't Kinsley the most adorable little Punkin'? My dd Chencha is having a ball with her, she's her own very special real life doll!!!! BTW Kinsley's dad, Brian is one of the best dads anyone could ever ask for.

Ain't life grand?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Christmas swap...

I made this snowman ornie a while back, and I thought I'd show him off, he's a sweet little guy. He's a multimedia air dry clay sculpt,acrylic painted then antiqued with a wax paste. Embellished with fabric ribbons, a few bits of star shaped glitter was applied to his eye then sealed with glossy varnish to make them sparkle and shine and of course a decorative hook. here are some befores:


Monday, October 13, 2008

Special moments in life....

My sweet grandies are growing up so fast, too fast really. They just celebrated a milestone, they are now I year olds, hard to believe. Let them eat cake!
Candy central, we put out bags so that the kids could fill them up!
Here's my sil Jason the hotdog man! Presents!!!
Having more fun with the paper and bags than the presents

All aboard!!! The Choo Choo express!
All pooped out!
As they went home each got a hobo bag on a wooden dowel filled with..Goodies!
And a fun time was had by all!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ever have one of those days?...

The hurrier you go the behinder you get? Well...that's what my whole month has been like!!!! My sweet grandies just celebrated a milestone in their tiny lives, they had their first Birthday,Sat. It was so funny to see their little mugs all covered with cake and riding a choo-choo train around the neighborhood!!! But I doubt they will remember...good thing for cameras!!!! So I barely had enough time to do my sculpts let alone come check my blog or mail! But I did have priorities! I was actually thinking that I might not finish my sculpts in time for tomorrows SpookyTimeJingles offerings!! Thank goodness I got them done, but only two items this time, I just finished about 30 minutes ago!!!!!Here's one of the little guy's Punkin Pete & Joe

The summer trees have shed their leaves.
An Autumn wind throws it's first freeze.
Then Punkin Pete And Joe his crow
Delight in the night, dontcha know!
As haints and witches and goblins alike,
And even the ghosts are seen.
Punkin Pete and Joe his crow
Make ready for halloween.
by Flora Thompson

And here's the other...Frost Fairy

I'm the frost in the air,
The nip on your nose.
And the chill that you feel,
Way down to your toes!
It's not hard to guess
It's only me...the Frost Fairy!

by Flora Thompson

I'm getting too old for they are before