Friday, September 18, 2009

Onward and Upward....

This is so much more pleasing to the eye, dontcha think?

I've been avoiding the blogging stuff due to being so busy and my ankle is healing very nicely I might add. I got real mobile with my mom's rolling walker, I'm sure I looked like that bulldog on the skate board in the floor commercials, cause it was easier to put my busted leg on the seat and just roll....
Anywho, I can walk so much better and Josie, guess what NO unsightly BUMP!!!!YAY


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Open letter to the universe....

Dear Universe,remember the conversation we had the other night? The one where I said
" I'm ready for whatever you have to give me?" UH ,can I rephrase that, because
I meant the "GOOD STUFF"....
I feel like I'm walking around with a bit of a dark cloud,I don't mean to harp on
this issue because for the most part I'm a lucky girl!!!!
So why am I feeling this way you ask?
Well for starters I came down with a staph infection that had to be excised in the doctors office, ( FUN STUFF ) then packed every night at home ( MORE FUN STUFF)#1
My computer crashed, #2
I have had a bad earache for the last 4 days#3
And the lastest just happened today #4
See the lovely little egg growing from my ankle?

I was getting ready to go see my mom,when low and behold I stepped wrong and fell.I remembered hearing a loud cracking sound as my ankle twisted underneath the weight of my body... I was more in shock than in pain,as I sat there in a bit of a daze.
I was able to get up with some help, so I thought hey I'm ok, afterall I am a lucky girl!!!?
So I'm in the car for the hr drive to mom's home and I'm having discomfort, I look down and see this bump,awww S**T!! I thought bad luck was supposed to come in 3's?? So who's the wise guy who changed the d*** rules and why wasn't I told about it, HUH!!....?


Saturday, September 12, 2009

You can't keep me...

down too long, but it sure as heck felt like it!! Anywho here are some of my latest pure sculpt offerings at SpookyTimeJingles for the 13th update

Kris Kringle

Does He know?

Down the chimney passed the flue

nearer to the tree he drew.

Quickly, back to bed I go!!

Heart pounding, does he know?

By the stairs, I sneaked a peek,

the smiling face, the ear he tweaked.

‘Neath the Christmas tree I see,

many presents left for me!!

by Flora Thompson


"Griffin the Goblin"

The doorbells will ring though out the night,

Someone will answer then scream with fright!

Griffin the goblin laughs with delight,

While making his way to the next house in sight!

by Flora Thompson

Baby Nibbler

Baby Nibbler

Nibble, Nibble,

Slurp and Dribble !

Who's that munching

on my neck?

Nibble, Nibble,

Burp and Spittle!

The Baby Nibbler

I suspect!!!

by Flora Thompson

Now I can get back to nursing this earache as I hum "If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all"!! I really shouldn't complain but lately it just seems like one of those " when it rains it pours " kinda times, yeah,yeah I know, cry me a river....
Okay then,
Remember there's no better place to be than at Spookytimejingles for some special and yummy delights with it's oh so deliciously frightful sights!!! SEE YA THERE!!!?

And here ya go...

I had to redo the fat legs because I tried to use the last of my " sculpt it" clay and it behaved badly , so off with his legs, I added thinner shapelier ones.
I like them better.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What a fine mess...

I've gotten myself into!!!! My computer finally crashed and I don't think there is anyway to bring it back to working order, so I'm using my laptop to get the basics
done. It seems like if it's not one thing it's another lately...I'm not sure if I'll be able to upload my SpookyTimeJingles dolls in time for the Sept. update.
Wish me luck...


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I have to share!!!!!

One of my most favorite customers sent me this email after seeing my " Red " , Dana was the one who inspired /challenged me to create her. She's good for what ails ya and then some!!! Just look at what she said:

Now, let me tell you I just almost gave my poor Marty a heart attack, screaming for him to come quick. I was looking on your site whilst at the computer with email and such. (It's so wonderful to have had only one case today and a little down time!)
Any way, you know what I saw, you little stinker. I was practically having to do the old paper bag trick to stop my hyper ventilating and Marty was standing over me going "What!? What!?" while all I could do was point at the monitor with a big stupid grin before I was finally able to squeak out, "That's my Red!!!!!" (She is my Red, isn't she?!?!) Dibs, dibs, dibs, dibs, dibs!!!!! Simply Red - PERFECT!

FLORA!! I love her already. She's beautiful even in her naked clayness. That lip between her teeth and the cut of her eyes gave me goosebumps! I already see her voluptuous, seductive wickedness. Rufus C. (the C stands for Canis of course) Lupus will definitely howl for the spells she will put him under and enjoy every wavering note! (I have to admit he and I have been doing a happy dance around the library).

BRAVO! BRAVO! I'm on my feet, this is a standing ovation! You my friend leave me speechless, and believe me, ask anybody who knows me, it's not an easy feat. I am awstruck by the talent within your creative mind and the hands with the ability to make your visions live right before the eyes of your wondering audience. You my dear must have one of the original Greek muses occupying your soul. It is my pleasure and my eternal delight to have had theprovidence to meet you and the honor to own some of your creations. Pick up your roses, Flora, they have showered your stage!

I'm a fan! I'm a groupie! I'm an acolyte!

Sweetie you are one of the reasons I love what I do....

All done.....

I am such a goof!! I should have posted that the gift giveaway winners were chosen, a bit early I see, and is now over with!! All badges are on their way to the participants of the giveaway!!! Many thanks to Pea,Georgina,Tammy,Susan and Autumn!!!!
Thanks again to everyone!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Interview at PWGL....

I'm a member at Prim and Whimsy Girls and the talented Sweet "B" of Sweet B Folk Art does a monthly interview called Studio Tours on our members and I was chosen to get interviewed this month !!!YAY!!! please go take a look, just click on the PWGL link above!!! I think she did a wonderful job!!! So stop by if you can and leave us a comment to let us know you visted, ok?
My "studio" is messy I know!!!....Good thing I was able to crop the picture!!!
BTW Click on her link too she does lots of FABULOUS and YUMMY looking items that I'm sure will please anyone!!!!