Saturday, September 12, 2009

You can't keep me...

down too long, but it sure as heck felt like it!! Anywho here are some of my latest pure sculpt offerings at SpookyTimeJingles for the 13th update

Kris Kringle

Does He know?

Down the chimney passed the flue

nearer to the tree he drew.

Quickly, back to bed I go!!

Heart pounding, does he know?

By the stairs, I sneaked a peek,

the smiling face, the ear he tweaked.

‘Neath the Christmas tree I see,

many presents left for me!!

by Flora Thompson


"Griffin the Goblin"

The doorbells will ring though out the night,

Someone will answer then scream with fright!

Griffin the goblin laughs with delight,

While making his way to the next house in sight!

by Flora Thompson

Baby Nibbler

Baby Nibbler

Nibble, Nibble,

Slurp and Dribble !

Who's that munching

on my neck?

Nibble, Nibble,

Burp and Spittle!

The Baby Nibbler

I suspect!!!

by Flora Thompson

Now I can get back to nursing this earache as I hum "If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all"!! I really shouldn't complain but lately it just seems like one of those " when it rains it pours " kinda times, yeah,yeah I know, cry me a river....
Okay then,
Remember there's no better place to be than at Spookytimejingles for some special and yummy delights with it's oh so deliciously frightful sights!!! SEE YA THERE!!!?

And here ya go...

I had to redo the fat legs because I tried to use the last of my " sculpt it" clay and it behaved badly , so off with his legs, I added thinner shapelier ones.
I like them better.



Anonymous said...

Love them all!!!

Flora said...

Hey Sheila!!!
Thank you so much!!!

vivian said...

amazing darling! from the beginning to the end.. and the poems are the icing on the cake. you are like magic!

Flora said...

OH Vivian, You are so sweet!!!
Thank You!!!

Zan Asha said...

Heyyyy Flora, long time no see :) As usual, all of your stuff is amazzzzing! :)

Unknown said...

I love all of them... but I think I love baby Nibbler best!

Glad to see your back online!

Light and Shadow Studio said...

Oh Flora, I had to come by and say how much I love your new STJ listings. I am in love with Griffin. I want him so bad! His little tail and face are just enchanting. Wonderful job Flora!

Flora said...

Hello everyone, thanks so much for stopping in and especially for the wonderful comments!!Dear Tammy, You are too kind , I think Griffin has just sold!!!

Mima said...

Hola flora,
Hoping that your doing fine. Love your characters and those great rymes. I enjoy your site, it then to take away, like a child reading a story book of goblins, even if its for a short time. Thank you for share your masterful creations. Love it, please don't ever stop. Hugs, Mima

Flora said...

Dear sweet Mima!!
You are a joy!!!Thank you so much!!!

Creepy Glowbugg said...

WOW! Fantastic art! I just adore your creatures. My son's name is Gryphon, and when I saw your Griffin, I fell in love. How does one purchase your creations?

Flora said...

Hello and WELCOME !!!Thank you for
the visit and for the kind words!!!
I LOVE,LOVE,LOVe the spelling of your son's name!!!!I sell my art here or at SpookyTimeJingles, you can click on the link provided on my blog post
and it'll take you there!!! But sale of Griffin is pending,!!!

Catherine said...

I just love your work!!!!! How do you do it, with an ear ache?? You are so talented!! Hope you are feeling better! and your ankle is healing! And many thanks for commenting on my baby dolls! Hugs :)

Flora said...

Catherine,WELCOME!!! and Thanks so much for visiting me and leaving me a kind comment!!! I do hope you come again!!!