Friday, October 26, 2007

Big Silly Scare!

I really scared myself silly today, the deadline for my theme doll is tomorrow..i
anyway I was on the Delphi forum and everyone was talking about the nutcracker theme for
The Humble Arts, this coming November. It started to dawn on me that maybe I was supposed to do a nutcracker!...OH NO!!!! Did I misunderstand?.........NAH, Whew!!!!, next time I'll ask, before I have a heart attack! This is my new doll, The Sugar Plum Fairy. She comes with a little ditty/poem, a vision in pink and gold and all things shiny and sweet!...(well to me anyway!)
She was one of those dolls that just didn't want to get borned! But apparently I wasn't the only one with that problem, seems like quite a few people were in the same boat. Anywho..she's done and I'm very glad about that. Just too many things going on in this month, it flew by so fast I'm surprised that I haven't missed Halloween altogether this year!

The Sugar Plum Fairy

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ghoulie Gourds and sketchbooks

These gourds are a handsome bunch aren't they? Well I think so, "Black Cat" has already found a new home, and I'm just waiting for the other "guys" to say their goodbyes.
It's funny how attached you become to your own creations, at least I do! My "Studio" will feel a little empty, so I guess I should start on some new gourds, to fill their empty spaces. I have some sketches for new ones, different ones,... I have sketches for lots of things, and I don't really leave home without a sketchbook, that and at least 12 or so well sharpened pencils, all with new erasers. Actually it's not a real "sketchbook" ,just a composition book, one of many that I've coIlected from my children throughout the years, waste not want not! I try to sketch often, especially on long trips while my husband drives and there have been times when I could not get pencil to paper fast enough. But I do better at home, sitting on the sofa, trying to watch tv and missing most of whats going on, simply because drawing is sooo much better..sometimes! I misplaced one of my sketchbooks once and I was like a lunatic till I found it. I kept thinking all my art, all my ideas gone! I honestly don't think I'll ever have the time to create all those dolls, but just the thought of not having them was like I lost part of myself .... go figure. I'll
try to post a few of my sketches later, as soon as my son can help me
scan them, I'll do it.

A little help

It seems both my grandbabies are still in need of a little help with their breathing, so they will stay under the oxygen hoods for a while longer. But that's ok ,I didn't like seeing them struggle with each breath they took.
Avery seems to me, to be the stronger of the two, his oxygen levels have been pretty steady with no real dips in his saturation, even though he is only on 20% . Tristan on the other hand
fluctuates much more, he's on a little more oxygen than Avery, but it makes a big difference for him.
Tristan Mandy gets to go home today, being home always made me feel better, after my long I'm sure she's getting anxious to hold them, they curl their tiny fingers around her fingers as she talks to them while their eyes start to flutter open, only for an instant...It's hard being borned! All she and Jason can do is give them gentle kisses on their delicate little backs. Mom and Dad, I'm sure, will get a chance to sleep more comfortably if not better, in their own bed. I know you can't really rest well knowing that your babies are still in the hospital, no matter where you are.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm a new grandma,of twins!

Meet my sweet brand spanking new grandbabies
Avery Kaiden Konieczny

Tristan James Koniecsny
I became a new grandmother to two beautiful baby boys on October 9th, @ 4:32 pm! WELCOME Tristan and Avery!!!!! Isn't this a great photo of my daughter, Miranda and sil Jason and of course my two little punkins! Jason said that both were taken out at the same time( two physicians) so there will never be " the older one " thing going on. I got to the hospital just in time to see Jason heading into the NICU with his precious bundles in each arm and tears in his eyes! Tristan and Avery were doing fabulous, but by Wednesday afternoon it became apparent that they needed a little help to breath, so they are now under a hood ,on 30 percent oxygen, Bless their sweet little hearts. The nurses there are so helpful and readily offered answers to each and every question we had, with proud papa there watching like a hawk, so my daughter and grandsons are in very good hands!

Miranda and Jason with Tristan and Avery

My heart sings to the lord a joyful song as I see before me these tiny

wonders and I give thanks to him, who makes all things possible,

All praise be to God!!!!


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

ebay listing

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Just a note to tell you about this guy, he's my first "bumpy/wart gourd" art and I have him up for auction right now on ebay here And he already has a bid from the one and only "GourdQueen" She is also the owner of my " Boney Skellyton" doll, I think she really likes my work. I'm very flattered, since she is a very talented gourd artist herself. Thanks Linda! He was part of a mass listing theme called " Frite Nite" for SEHA, one of my other Halloween groups. Just do a " SEHA " search on ebay and you'll find tons of goodies to buy and go see!
The other pic is of him as I was working on him, to show that he was indeed a gourd before he became " Black Cat " ( the name is so obvious and original too, dontcha think? ) He is signed and dated. I have two more gourd sculpts, but they aren't cats, and I will be listing them too, also with poems. So keep an eye out for them! I enjoyed the whole process of making him, but next time I'll buy the gourds already cleaned, although I don't think I remember seeing any cleaned wart gourds.?

Monday, October 1, 2007

"Merry Halloween" in progress

I said I would post the before pic's of my crackled,white pumpkin doll and here she is,the first one is my simple pattern, and a fun position, then painting ,then finished...with the painting. Now Jack, well I always have a heck of a time posting ( of course ) so photo's are even more of a problem ( I don't know why ) and I misplaced his progress pic's, so none for him!( Darn !) ENJOY!

October already

Hello again, I haven't done anything here for a while. I just need to update a few things one being that the baby Ava Grace silent auction is over! After a few minor kinks with it, it's all done and my angel " Hope"doll has been sent to the kind hearted winner and hopefully a very good home and loving owner. Thank you P. Robinson!

It's October already, it just doesn't seem possible that time can get away from me like this!
I keep going back to when I was a many years ago.... and time seemed to go by at a snails pace. The weekends were the only days that were never long enough..ah to be a child again.....NO THANKS! I'll just keep that thought to myself.

If y'all haven't had the chance to go to , y'all should go, there is so much to drool over and I AM SELLING !!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! Got my fingers crossed!....eyes, legs and toes too for good measure......there is something for everbody, so whatcha waiting for?......GO already!!!!