Friday, October 26, 2007

Big Silly Scare!

I really scared myself silly today, the deadline for my theme doll is tomorrow..i
anyway I was on the Delphi forum and everyone was talking about the nutcracker theme for
The Humble Arts, this coming November. It started to dawn on me that maybe I was supposed to do a nutcracker!...OH NO!!!! Did I misunderstand?.........NAH, Whew!!!!, next time I'll ask, before I have a heart attack! This is my new doll, The Sugar Plum Fairy. She comes with a little ditty/poem, a vision in pink and gold and all things shiny and sweet!...(well to me anyway!)
She was one of those dolls that just didn't want to get borned! But apparently I wasn't the only one with that problem, seems like quite a few people were in the same boat. Anywho..she's done and I'm very glad about that. Just too many things going on in this month, it flew by so fast I'm surprised that I haven't missed Halloween altogether this year!

The Sugar Plum Fairy


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

She absolutely stunning! What a lovely Sugarplum Fairy!

Flora said...

Thank you Blondie!

Flora said...

Thanks for the sweet comments!