Saturday, August 29, 2009

Moving right along...

All done with the giveaways so just waiting on whoever decides they would like them...or not, if you do, PLEASE read the rules on the previous post and then leave me a contact #
so that I might know where to send these badges, respectively of course....


For me...??

Oh you shouldn't have!!!

A while back my fingers were quicker than my brain....anywho I was visiting with the lovely Ms. Marie Patterson of " Marie Patterson Studio " and saw what I thought was a free giveaway, you know the ones where " If you are one of the first to comment...", well it wasn't one of those...
But I did get a great gift, a unique " Spinner " ornie that has 2 sides, that Marie is so clever!!!
This was started waaaaay back in April on Michelle Rae Schafer's blog Studio at Crow Haven Farm. Make sure you check out her fantastic blog

NOW FOR THE RULES... please read carefully as this does get passed on!

Now YOU can receive a treat from ME! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, and I will draw 5 names and send you a surprise!( You see this is where my fingers got in the way of my brain because I didn't read on, you should though....:)
I'd love to make more, but that would be too big a task.

However, you must know that it will then be YOUR TURN to do the same. Re-post this on your blog with a link back to MY blog and send your treat to 5 people. Your prizes may be ANYTHING that you wish to give and can be very simple.

Marie said that the whole premise was a simple gift for 5 people, with an emphasis on simple I will change the rules just a wee bit, in that I will collect the names of whoever wants to do this and draw 5 names from them, if there are only 5 then that's good too, but then they have to do the same in turn. I really didn't have any idea on what to do or rather I kept making the gift too complicated!!!
So I finally decided that this idea could be a simple gift, a small tag-like ornie. They will be done in a few days then I will post pictures for whoever is interested in joining this kinda giveaway. Marie made the mistake of telling me " Whenever " when I asked when I had to do this by....:)
I hope that the next 5 won't be as slow as I was....

Just need to paint in details and add a bit of embellishments....

Stay tuned...

Friday, August 28, 2009

They call me Red

Simply Red....

I was challenged to make this doll by one of my customers, I liked the idea she came up with so I thought why not, I doubt I'll be finished anytime soon but I thought y'all might like to see what I've done so far...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Home again, home again.....

Jiggity jig!!! Well I didn't go to market but I did go on vacation then I had to rest up from my vacation???? Seriously I got a nasty bug and am on antibiotics, today is the only day that I actually felt human again...
I had so enjoyed my trip to the Smokey Mountain area of North Carolina, I hope I got that right? The days were cool and nights glorious!!! I couldn't belive it was August and I was wearing a light sweater!!!

One view of the breathtaking scenery as we drove up a mountainside...yeah I was dizzy the whole time!!!

What is that crude saying I was so scared " You couldn't get a pin up my be....?"
That's exactly how I felt here and my dh Bill ( with his "ZZ TOP" facial hair)
held on to me very tightly, I made sure!!!

We saw this waterfall as we drove on said mountainside and went in for a closer look..

My dh and 14 yr old son who LOVES these kind of trips, we went diamond hunting in Arkansas last year, he planned this trip out with a little help from his dad.
No we didn't find any diamonds...

This waterfall was a tourist attraction and had rails and a trail

Bill and me

I almost didn't want to come home but in the end I was ready to get back home, then I got sick....
One of the things we did was hunt for gems we found several stones from citrine to sapphires to rubies and emeralds.Here is some information about the area we were vacationing in..
I'm told that this little gem is a natural ruby, it looks like a rock to me and I
almost threw it away, we found it in "Mason Mines" still not so sure...

Here is the " Ruby " at the " Mason Mines"

Here we are slooching for gems at the " Mason Mines "

This creek is at " Hiddennite " my son saw this on the discovery channel
we found a lot of pretty sapphires and emeralds here and the water was ice cold!!!

More slooching...

On the last leg of our trip, we are at " Myrtle Beach " finally and just too
darn hot for me!!! We saw all sorts of tanned people, some looked like they
had been over baked, possible downright burned and leathery raisins to boot UGH!!!!
Definitely not my kinda vacation, we met the nicest folk there too though.

My son with his metal detector, he is so funny he thought he was going to find treasures for sure!!!

Only 6 cents.....

The last night before heading home we found this quaint little area waaaaaaaayyy down
the road and a wonderful little hole in the wall with great food.

Another shot

Now to recuperate from Bill and Flora's excellent adventure..

Monday, August 3, 2009


The Houston Center for Contemporary Crafts was where I spent the better part of Sat. with the ladies of TAODA, my " Cone Dolls " were submitted and accepted as an art project for children and adults to make!!! Even some of the staff of the museum and our group, joined in to made their own cones!!!
Some of the crafter's faces in the pictures below have been altered for the sake of privacy, but one of the women allowed me to photograph her and her creation. All these pic's are of the first group of people that came by.

Here are 3 of TAODA members Karen Jewelon the left, Annie Foley at the back, in white, and Janet Bodin our new President on the far right.

Everyone is concentrating on their creations!!!

Doesn't she have a wonderful smile, the leopard print looked pretty good, dontcha think,she said her mom was an artist too!!