Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Home again, home again.....

Jiggity jig!!! Well I didn't go to market but I did go on vacation then I had to rest up from my vacation???? Seriously I got a nasty bug and am on antibiotics, today is the only day that I actually felt human again...
I had so enjoyed my trip to the Smokey Mountain area of North Carolina, I hope I got that right? The days were cool and nights glorious!!! I couldn't belive it was August and I was wearing a light sweater!!!

One view of the breathtaking scenery as we drove up a mountainside...yeah I was dizzy the whole time!!!

What is that crude saying I was so scared " You couldn't get a pin up my be....?"
That's exactly how I felt here and my dh Bill ( with his "ZZ TOP" facial hair)
held on to me very tightly, I made sure!!!

We saw this waterfall as we drove on said mountainside and went in for a closer look..

My dh and 14 yr old son who LOVES these kind of trips, we went diamond hunting in Arkansas last year, he planned this trip out with a little help from his dad.
No we didn't find any diamonds...

This waterfall was a tourist attraction and had rails and a trail

Bill and me

I almost didn't want to come home but in the end I was ready to get back home, then I got sick....
One of the things we did was hunt for gems we found several stones from citrine to sapphires to rubies and emeralds.Here is some information about the area we were vacationing in..
I'm told that this little gem is a natural ruby, it looks like a rock to me and I
almost threw it away, we found it in "Mason Mines" still not so sure...

Here is the " Ruby " at the " Mason Mines"

Here we are slooching for gems at the " Mason Mines "

This creek is at " Hiddennite " my son saw this on the discovery channel
we found a lot of pretty sapphires and emeralds here and the water was ice cold!!!

More slooching...

On the last leg of our trip, we are at " Myrtle Beach " finally and just too
darn hot for me!!! We saw all sorts of tanned people, some looked like they
had been over baked, possible downright burned and leathery raisins to boot UGH!!!!
Definitely not my kinda vacation, we met the nicest folk there too though.

My son with his metal detector, he is so funny he thought he was going to find treasures for sure!!!

Only 6 cents.....

The last night before heading home we found this quaint little area waaaaaaaayyy down
the road and a wonderful little hole in the wall with great food.

Another shot

Now to recuperate from Bill and Flora's excellent adventure..


Sprite said...

Welcome Home Flora! You have been missed :) I always need a vacation from the vacation too but it sounds like you had a wonderful time. I would have loved this trip, gem stones, quint town, that view! I can't wait for sweater weather! :) Nice lookin family! Love the pics!! Feel better sweetie.

Love and hugs,

Flora said...

Hello Sprite!!!
Nice to have you check in on me!!!
I'm doing better ,so thanks a bunch for that!!! The vacation was just too much fun!!! I know where I want to retire to!!!....

Anonymous said...

Looked like you guys had a blast! Hope you're feeling better soon ☺

Georgina said...

Welcome Home, Flora!!! NC is just gorgeous. My first hubby was a Tennessean, well he still is, isn't dead yet, but I digress. We traveled all through there a couple of times and I loved the area. Since I'm from the desert, I don't see many forests around here, but that was great site seeing. I would like to go back there ex has family there and I'm still considered "their" family, (much to the other wife's discontent...hey, I'm a hard act to follow!!) and want to go see them. Also, as a potter, well sometimes potter, I also want to visit the potteries that are in great numbers there.

Glad your feeling better and take care of yourself. Chillax and just do want "Flora" wants to do!!! Doctor Georgina's orders. Oh, thanks for your comment about my new little guy...he's chunking out so well...sucking his mommy dry!!! hehehehe...that's my boy!!!!


Flora said...

Caroline, so good of you to stop by!!!!Thanks a bunch!!!!

Flora said...

Georgina!!!1 Long time huh? Oh I agree with everything you said about that part of the country!!! Especially the part with you being a hard act to follow!!!AHAHAHA!!!!
GEE I feel better already, all I needed was my dose of Georgina!!!

vivian said...

LOved seeing your vacation picturesand you and your family!!
My husband has a big zztop beard too.. and the long hair to go with it!
I loved the pictures of the mountains and the waterfalls..
welcome home!

Flora said...

Hello Vivian!!! It's good to be home. Thanks for the comment and for taking the time to come visit with me!!!I always love hearing from you!!!

FairiesNest said...

So you were in my neck of the woods! It is gorgeous up in the blue ridge mountains of NC. Get well soon dear!

Flora said...

Cynthia, you live there? How lucky can a person get!!!So it's the Blue Ridge Mountains not the Smokey Mountains huh?I should have known I'd get something wrong!!! Either way it's still gorgeous country so pristine and unblemished!!! Lucky Lucky girl!!!

PEA said...

Oh what a grand vacation. Gem mining is one of my favorite things and have done it quite a few times back home. Summer family vacations. LOL
You must head to Montana one day and do some sapphire and tourmaline which is hot pink in color. Up by Helena Montana. One of my favorite things is pretty gems. A hobby to collect and know as much as I can about them.
Did you know most citrine is actually amethyst heat treated? true some is yellow but very pale but a fire is what turned it bright yellow. A happy accident.
Have a great day dear and glad you are feeling better. Get well soon.

Flora said...

Hello dear Pea!!!
It can be addicting and so rewarding too, my son is getting older and soon vacations like this will only be a sweet memory, so I gotta take advantage of the time!!!!
BTW I have always loved the golden colors of Citrine and it is one of my most favorite stones!!

Abi said...

Oh the slooching looked fun! loved the photos - looks like a wonderful place to visit.

Mima said...

Hola Flora,
Welcome back, Flora. I am so sorry that you got sick, after experiencing such a lovely vacation trip. I hope you continue to improve. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures. Great vacation spot, it funny how lovely our country is and we always tend to vacation to other places then our own backyard. LOL
Get well soon, Mima

KrisMrsBBradley said...

That looks like an awesome trip! I am a huge fan of North Carolina. Just a beautiful place :O)

Flora said...

Yes Abi it was all so much fun!!! Welcome and Thank You for the visit and kind comments !!!! Please do come back often!!!

Flora said...

Hello and Welcome Mrs.B!!!!So nice to have new company!!! Please do come back often!!!
Mima my dear !!! Thank for your sweet words, I am feeling much better since the medicine kicked in!!
North Carolina must have been a very well kept secret , that everyone new about.... except me!!!!LOL!!!!

Roberta said...

What fun... I used to live in North Carolina and I've visited Mason Mines...guess what I found? a ruby rock that looks just like yours! I've never had it cut...I guess that's the next step!

Welcome back home Flora!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

We have talked about doing this Flora...we both are such rock hounds, and maybe me more than the hubby!!! Looks like you had a great time. Now, take care and get well!!

Flora said...

Hello Roberta and Laurie!!!I'm so glad y'all dropped by!!!
Isn't it so addicting? Who da thunk
that getting so dirty would be so much fun?hahaha!!!
My dh is going to polish up the
"ruby" I hope it looks better???