Friday, August 30, 2013

Let's do the bloghop ...

the Witches of Giggleswick Blog Hop that is !!!!

Join in on the first Annual Giggleswick Halloween Blog Hop hosted by these lovely and talented ladies, LeeAnn of Charmed Confections and Carly Smith of Boggy Bottom Bayou who have organized this annual event to begin Friday morning the 13th of Sept and runs until Saturday, September 21st.! Great prizes and many chances to win! Sign ups will begin on Friday, September 13th and the winners will be announced on Wednesday, September 25th ...

Yep that's me down there with all these talented artists who will be participating too!!!

Carly Smith
Boggy Bottom Bayou

LeeAnn Kress
Charmed Confections

Jody Johnson
Sweet Bear Creek Whims

Flora Thompson

Heather Millott
Witch Hallow Primitives

Amy Allen
Amy's Primitives Attic

Lisa Ammerman
A Piece of Lisa

Brenda Griffith
The Rusty Thimble

Joyce Tenay
Ragpatch Primitives

Cindy Conrad
The Pixie's Thimble

Debb George
Halloween JinglesBells Boo

Marguerite Noschese
My Witchy Women

Karen Brady Hammontree
Brady Bears Studio

So mark your calenders and get ready to do the Giggleswick Blog Hop!!! More info later SEE YA!!!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Why ...

Why didn't anyone tell me how hard it would be to send my last child away to college ?

Although it's not like anything could have prepared us for this , he graduated from high school with high honors , Magna Cum Laude which led to him receiving a scholarship to University of Texas Austin and we are extremely proud of him but it was also extremely difficult for us to leave him there. No he isn't a mama's boy but he is his dad's right arm ,his " Bud " ,which was his paternal grandpa's nickname. The idea that " he won't be present to say goodnight mom , I love you " accompanied with his familiar big bear hugs , well
it just feels like I've lost something precious and can't find it and I don't like that feeling at all , not one bit. !!!!
My oldest dd thinks sending her only child off to her first day of Kindergarten was hard , she's not gonna know what to do when it's time for this ... life has to happen doesn't it .

We said our goodbyes and watched as he left us

This is what I saw

I miss you Walker and it's only the first day with out you.
Love You more,

Monday, August 12, 2013

That was way too close...

I should just went with the two... Phineas Phrost

Christmas Slipper Imp

Christmas & Halloween Mushrooms

All are spun cotton " Holiday art dolls " Email me if you are interested , meanwhile check out SpookyTimeJingles for more holiday themed fun.
Here are some before of Phineas , I just realized I didn't take anymore of Phinny or any of the other guys!!! SIGH ....
Email me if you are interested ,more later ,SEE YA