Friday, June 24, 2011

Hey you lookin at...

Clear glass eye blanks painted and sealed approx.3mm

Glass head pins handpainted and sealed approx 2-3mm
I'm so bad about spending money anymore that I thought I'd do this instead,I'm happier with the way the second set came out,
I've already used a pair for one of my Wumbwies, they seem to be hold up pretty well too!!!.
More later SEE YA!!!

Squirmy Wormy....


Working on more "funny bunce ah peepohs"for updates...
More later, SEE YA!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Technical ....


Incase some of you folks didn't realize it,SpookyTimeJingles is having some technical difficulties and is no longer where it's supposed to be, its now
So we are still open for business only at a different location, no worries, if you click on either of the STJ links in this post, it will take you there aaand...SpookyTimeJingles IS all that you've heard,there'll be no regrets, I'm true to my word ,if you partake of all that is offered!!!
Wumbwies for the SpookyTimeJingles
update today!!!

Scehwee Skewingthun.

The man in the moon gazed down one night..
And spied a hurried figure, neath his pale moonlight..
Said he with much concern and good intention,
"Where do you go in such a hurry, little one? ".
Hesitant at first then with great determination
The imp looked up and said "Ah am not .
awowed to sthpeak to sthrangers, but foh
your infohmathun , ah am not a widdow one,
ah am a Scehwee Skewingthun !"
And with a glare no more was said
at which point he turned and fled..

by Flora Thompson


Friday, June 3, 2011

Widdow biwee ...

pet " Arffur " is waving his flag...

He's less than 1-1/4", not including his flag and carries his love for America quite proudly !!!
More later ,See Ya!!