Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sugar and spice and....

everything nice, that's what this little girl is made of, may I introduce you to Mikayla Aubrey Konieczny 6lbs 9oz.

Proud parents Miranda and Jason

older brothers Tristan and Avery

A little sugar from sweet cousin Kinsley

a quiet moment with Avery and Tristan

When I see the beautiful faces of my grandchildren, I know that they are wonderous gifts that our lord has so graciously blessed us with, I was immediately reminded of what my sweet friend Cheryl Prater wrote to me, that when well meaning people would say to her "you've got your hands full," in referrence to her twins, her reply was "better full than empty" So very appropriate don't you think? May your heart and hands always be full of blessings too...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Vote for me....

...at the Artisan's Challenge!!! The Blockheadrod's radio show has an Artisan's Challenge every week and I submitted my "Marley" artdoll for the challenge and now he is up for voting in the Wildcard entry.
Annette and her husband Rod, are wonderful people who work tirelessly to promote new artisans and are constantly giving of themselves for the art community.
I've known Annette for a while and am very proud to call her a friend,anyone who knows her will be just as taken with this couple with their 6 sweet kids, yes you heard right 6 kids!!!How do they do it?!!!!
So if y'all have time please stop by to vote or to just look at all the lovelies that they have to offer you won't be disappointed!!!
Many Thanks

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Me Too!!..

..cried a wee little voice and soon there two little imps from the land of "Wombley"! You know where it's at, why it's in that cramped up space called Bone*Head*Studios... of course!!
little Christmas angel

Wormy base

Almost there

and a new little fellow appears.

I can see where his face needs to be a bit longer so off I go!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Halloween Imp..

This little guy came fast and furious and I like him!!! I don't have a poem or colors,maybe he just won't get one, actually I've been kinda weary of the rhyming thing , so maybe no little ditties, dunno...
A bit of doodling and there he was!

A styrofoam base

Clay added

And a strange little " Halloween Imp " appears. He has green glass eyes and a shy little grin.

Well off to add the incidentals..tata...hehehe!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Something Wicked This Way Comes....

National Halloween and Haunters Convention... Just click on the link to a most delectable site of mayhem and fright!!!

Doesn't this sound absolutely fabulous?!!!!!Well SpookyTimeJingles got an invite and Ms. Dani said yes of course!!! Unfortunately I don't think I can send anything, but there will be plenty of our folks representing STJ!!! Take a look if you DARE... MWAHAHAHA!!!!!?..OOOOoooo I lost my head there for a minute...So whatcha waitin' for, go already!!!..scaredy cat....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's official...

I am now a memeber of TAODA.. Texas Association of Original Doll Artist...YAY!!!!.
I was so nervous last night that I must have gotten only 2-3 hrs. of fitful sleep.
But I was pretty calm on my drive there despite the nasty, cold and wet weather,I had a lovely time!!!
Everyone's getting ready to start the meeting in these two pic's

From l-r Donna Sims,Joyce Patterson, Neva Waldt, Pepper Hume,Karyn Jewell,
Janet Bodin and Wilmer LaBorne

From l-r Pepper's wonderful sculpt " Thinking Outside the Box ", then Karyn Jewells sweet whimsical "Sunny" and a adorable crown she said she was "itching" to make..hehehe!!.. next is Neva Waldt's tiny but gorgeous cowboy boots, then Joyce Patterson's fabulous vignette " Lazy Dog Saloon" She was featured with other great artist such as Lisa Lichenfels, in a Russian publication and last but not least my dolls.

Here's Pepper with the Thinking man, next to Karyns whimsies and Donna.

A few close ups.

Neva Waldt's tiny boots,you would not believe the detail in these little boots!!!
She is meticulous about everything on her dolls!!!

Joyce's very detailed piece!!

Gwen Ross demonstrating her puppets, Michael Jackson a real hoot, with a bobbing head and...

A doughnut puppet, she would go to the schools and encourage children to read using her puppets!!!

A few of us decided to get something to eat at "Skeeters" funny name huh? GREAT burgers!!!! I felt like I was with old friends.

The ladies were so gracious and kind about my doll art I took Marley, The Gentleman, my older art the "Gourd babies" and Punkin' Pete & Joe
I wanted to remember the names and tried really , I'm sure I didn't get them all.
I sure do hope I can keep up!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Today's the day ...

That Tina Winkle ofYes That's My Child Screaming has a " Featured Friday" on her blog where she does little interviews with bloggers crafters and such. She will be doing a short and sweet interview with me Friday, so please stop on by and say hi, Thanks a bunch I'll be pleased as punch...ok somebody help me ,I'm rhyming everything again and I can't stop!!!!
Really though come on over and leave us a coment or two!!!g'night!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Gentleman.....

A Gentleman Caller

A gentleman caller of high esteem
Went for a stroll one Halloween,
Never again to be heard from nor seen!
But the rumours abound of the
lone wolf found
On the path that he walked down!
by Flora Thompson

That'll teach the randy dandy for fooling around with that witchy woman!....
I always seem to be behind no matter how hard I try or
how early I start, I wind up working till the 11th hr. Dani SpookyTimeJingles owner, let me put him in the update though. He was such a stubborn ole' coot too, but I showed him who was boss!!!hehehe!!....

As promised...

My Skelly pictures from the swap with Du Buh Du Designs Christine....

Airdry clay, all done in shades of black and greys and of course the red veins in the eyes, for an extra punch, I tried to give you a close up of the eyes but it was too pixelated. I applied a glossy medium to the eyes to give it dimension, The collar is a very full ruffled crepe paper. And what's a bone*head*studios creation without a tophat, it hangs from a decorative hanger which isn't in the picture, that has an added swirl where I added a black czech bead into. I made little airdry clay bones and tied them to strips net and ribbons with tiny bells and banners to drape below it, almost like a wind chime.
He was one of those ornaments that I almost couldn't part with..sigh...

Monday, March 9, 2009

I was fortunate...

enough to join a "Skelly Swap" hosted by the multi talented powerhouse,Dani Nelson, of
Ambitions Designs and owner of SpookyTimeJingles

The best part of it all was that I was paired with a most wonderful artist
Christine of Du-Buh-Du I think this type of ornament is called a " Catrina" you can read about it here La Catrina But for now just look at my beauty:

The pictures just don't do the doll justice, a delicate shimmering medium was used on what looks like ceramic or porcelain flowers that gently crown her head, her eyes
are black glittery dots within filigree flower outlines that surround her eyes,
and a necklace of black glass beads caress her long delicate neck.
As if that wasn't enough, she sent a gorgeous card in brilliant colors and a couple of yummy candies...all gone by the way...hehehe...and I wonder why I can't lose weight? She really is beautiful.

And this is a before of my Skelly, I was so excited and anxious to get the swap ornament done and sent that I forgot one thing...you got it NO PICTURES !!!!
I could of sworn I had, well Ms.Christine was kind enough to do me the favor of taking some pictures and will send them tomorrow...egg on my face....
Here is what the before of mine looks like:

I'll post the finished ones as soon as I get them..

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Penalty....

The Penalty

My death, it holds no peace nor rest
The life I led had been my test,
And this I know with quite certainty !
For my life was void of goodwill and charity,
So now in death I pay the penalty.
Each chain, each link, each lock and key,
All were forged in life by me !
by Flora Thompson

Marley is finally done!thanks goodness now lets see if I can do my wolf justice?

So sorry about the way the shoes came out, I did fix them but somethings just screwy
with how they showed up? Hope you all have the date marked on your calendar for the 13th of this month because.....
SpookyTimeJingles is about to update all of the goodies made of late, by wonderful artisans who love to create and of that I'm sure there is no debate, you won't want to miss it and don't you dare wait or it will be gone....ahh such is fate!!!


Guess what !!!!I was contacted by the fabulously talented Neva Waldt of Art Dolls by Neva and was asked to join the wonderful group TAODA I can't believe it and I'm quite nervous, I will be meeting with them this coming weekend,I can't help but feel that I'm way out of my league. I'm not fishing for compliments either, I
just truly feel inadequate,they are all so accomplished true artists who have been published in Art Doll Quarterly ...toldja!!!!..OF COURSE I SAID YES, but now I'm feeling something in the pit of my stomache....
On a lighter note, I will be getting interviewed by Tina Winkle of Yes That's My Child
on March 13th, please stop by and leave a comment so I won't be all by
my lonesome ok? Thanks a bunch!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It all starts with an idea....

That slowly comes together

Something starts to emerge

His features are all in place

Finally he shows his, albeit "creepy", but true self

What's is a man without a body?...Well in this case, headless, I suppose...

A bit of color might help

Stay tuned...hehehe!!!