Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm not running fast enough...

Sue of Rabbit Hollow Prims, just caught me and i'm tagged!!! Looks like I have to tell 6 I haven't already told everything about myself? As my Australian friends say downunder I am a " gasbagger", sounds a bit rude huh? Well here goes.
1)I LOVE, LOVE AlmondJoy candy bars...YUM,nothing like satisfying a candy craving!!
2)I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE Chinese Buffets...hence my girly figure...hehehe!!!
3)I HATE HATE HATE math!!!! I cannot retain anything relating to it...complete blank!!!
4)I don't care for chocolate icecream,chocolate cookies,chocolate milkshakes...You get the picture!!!
5)I cannot drive a stickshift...I tried and ruined my only car!!!
6)My right big toe is bigger than my left big toe...Shocking huh?
Ok now for the next victims,

Ginny Diezel Studios-Ginny
Huckleberry Arts- Annette
Cameomoon - Donna
HowlingMoon Designs-Candy
Marie Patterson Studio-Marie
Sweet B Folkart-Amelia
Now why don't ya tell me a secret... I promise I won't tell...HeHeHe!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I am in awe....

Of this fabulous doll artist at Sue McMahon Dolls Susie makes the most amazing dolls! I had the priviledge to " meet " her on the Vintage Clothdollmaking a yahoo group that I'm in,I have to tell ya, there are many dollmakers who's dolls are beautiful, but Susie's dolls are breathtaking! If you have a chance, you really owe it to yourself to go take a looksee,I guarantee that you will not be disappointed, tell her I sent you...hehehe.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Feed my blog and followers

I just found this blog "Followers" thingy and this great graphic by Nacho Gomez, called "Feed My Blog" to encourage people who visit to comment when they come by because it's the comments that keep us " Living " so to speak, I think it's a fabulous idea and I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE to answer comments so...
Please do leave a salutation,
So that I might have an indication,
Of those who come in my direction,
But only if you have the inclination.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

One wild and crazy night...

or one night with Ike. Whatever you want to call it , it's a night I don't care to repeat. We were some of the few who decided to "hunker down and stay put" fortunately we survived and are very thankful to my lord for sparing us from major damage, but no matter how much you prepare you always have a creeping realization that maybe this wasn't such a good idea?
That realization became abundantly clear at about 2:00 when the wind began to roar and the rain pounded on our home, Ike made his presence known. While my husband and son slept soundly, I tossed and turned, finally falling into a restless asleep in the wee hours of the morning....then our cell phones started ringing.
My parents and sisters and their families,who live in Freeport and were some of the first evacuees, decided to stop and stay for the night as they checked to see if it was ok to go home, giving my elderly parents some much needed rest and a bit of comfort food which always includes tortillas!!!
We all had tales to tell as we sat down for our meal, with much laughter and noise...all was right with the world once again...Please keep those not as fortunate as us in our prayers.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Little Spooks

No Witchies cackle nor spooky punkin,
Not even that ghosties boo!
No little spook will scare me enough,
Come Halloween night,
To keep me away from you.
by Flora Thompson

I almost forgot!!!These "Little Spooks" halloween figures will be up for the SpookyTime JinglesSeptember 13th offerings, so come on by and feast your eyes on all the goodies!!!


Friday, September 5, 2008

TA DA!!!!!

Here are 2 SpookyTime Jingles finished creations, the Christmas figure,Santa and his odd looking little helpers?

And a Halloween figure/doll sculpt I did a bit ago, for a group I was in, till recently. Anywho,the subject matter about her is a bit dark, she is a sad and rather forlorn looking creature, you see she was engaged to a seaman, who's first love was the sea. They were to be married as soon as he came back, on the day that was to be their wedding day, but alas he never returned and that night in her despair and anguish she decided to be with him.... in his beloved sea....the locals say that they can at times hear her pitiful cries in the cold black night and some say they've even seen her wandering about the shore always searching...


Ghost Bride

"The Insatiable Sea"
To the sea, to the sea, to the insatiable sea,
My true love is gone, he set sail and left me.
So I wander about this lonely cold shore,
From a well worn path I long for more!
While I wait for the day he'll return to me,
From the sea, from the sea, from the insatiable sea.
My love knows no bounderies,it knows not of rest,
And the limits of time it shall test.
One final dance, one final embrace,
And forevermore joined eternally.
So I drink it in deeply and go to him willingly,
In the sea , in the sea, in the insatiable sea.
by Flora Thompson
Another STJSept. offering.
with before pics.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Creepy Santa.....

This ain't no kinda Santa
I've ever seen!
He looks kinda creepy
He looks kinda mean!
And those elves,
They ain't fooling anyone!
If I see them coming
I'm gonna run!
This ain't my kinda Santa,
No way, No how, Nuh-Uh!
by Flora Thompson

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus...just not quite what you expected...!?