Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Creepy Santa.....

This ain't no kinda Santa
I've ever seen!
He looks kinda creepy
He looks kinda mean!
And those elves,
They ain't fooling anyone!
If I see them coming
I'm gonna run!
This ain't my kinda Santa,
No way, No how, Nuh-Uh!
by Flora Thompson

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus...just not quite what you expected...!?


Sweet B Folk Art said...

Flora! He is He is wonderful and wicked!!

What kind of toys does he deliver!

- Sweet B

Kristine said...


Gosh Flora!!!Your work is
TOPS!!! There are not enough
praise worthy adjectives to

Flora said...

Thank you B!!! This Santa is more of a taker than a bringer. It's more like "quick block all entrances to the house"..hahaha!

Flora said...

AWWWW Kristine,
Thanks for those fabulous words of encouragement!!!!...

Kathie said...

Did someone forget to leave out the milk and cookies??? Incredible!!

Huckleberry Arts said...

As awlays Flora your creations make my day But this santa is aboslulty the best!!!!!

You have surpassed the bar with him Flora

Have I ever told you that your writing is just as wonderful as your Creations!!

Have a beautiful day!! My Friend


Flora said...

AHAHAHA!!!!Thank you Kathy! I'm sure it didn't help!!!!

chris said...

Oh Miss Flora you have done it again, awesome job, I think he's fabulous and love the little poem, he reminds me of the Santa from Futurama.........He was mean lol...

Flora said...

Hey Chris!,
futurama? I need to go take a looksee! Thanks for the compliment!

Chicken Lips said...

I thought the unpainted WIP was great...this is amazing! I'd think twice about sitting on this jolly fellow's knee. Great work!

Flora said...

Everyone's comments mean a lot to me but yours are extra nice to hear, thank you.

Flora said...

Annette!!,Honey do you know that I just got this in my email? ..Damn Yahoo!.. you must think I just didn't want to answer you!!!! Sweetie I love to hear from you !!!
And ALWAYS APPRECIATE your visits and comments!!!Thank you so much for your kind words!