Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving.....

I am so thankful and will be forever indebted to all the men and women who made it possible for all of us to have a peaceful and safe Thanksgiving in our homes and in our wonderful country....

My baby girl.....
I had to show my beautiful daughter Allie,she was with me for a show with my TAODA group, to help out...She is my youngest daughter,always has a smile and sweet demeanor!!


Neva Waldt of Art Dolls by Neva

President Janet Bodin of The Expressive Figures of Janet Bodin

Joyce Patterson of Fabric Images by Joyce

Kerry Rix

Beth Casper of Angel Heart Creations

Marlene Slobin

Joan Pratt was not forgotten, she arrived after all the pic's were done and we didn't get to take pictures of her and her cute stuffed sock monkeys and creatures!!!
Thank you Linda Hughes for visiting with me, you were so sweet to come by and say hello and also for your patronage!!!!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time sure flys....

When it gets around the Christmas season and everyone anticipates all the lovely gifts they'll be getting!!! lucky for me I don't have to wait to get goodies just at Christmas, I win wonderful ones throughout the year, so although the holidays are indeed special, I have little celebrations all year long!!! Look at what I recieved from my dear friend Pattee of Odd-Dolls

Pod Elf

I won this precious little guy in a drawing from her blog!!!!!I also took a class from her on making the cutest polymer witch on her ning page, I haven't had a chance to make one of those yet, but I got everything I need to get started....


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Busy busy busy....

and never enough time....I just barely finished my newest updates for SpookyTimeJingles

Senor Vampire

Clueless Male

A cautionary tale about a clueless male,
who took a shortcut through an
ominous trail !!
He did not tarry but quickened his pace,
heading towards his appointed place.
Much to his relief and delight,
he welcomed a stranger that fearful night.
Resplendent in costume, he did say
he too was going that way,
to the very same soiree...?

By Flora Thompson

Chilly Willy

Winter Folk

Winters chill is in the air,
A glimmer here and a shimmer there!
It's frosty harvest laid out bare,
when winter folk begin to appear.
It's a time for merriment and
Good Cheer,
for loved ones far and near.
This is that time of year
for all that we hold dear.

by Flora Thompson

So scoot on over to our favorite place , at SpookyTimeJingles and make no haste, or you'll miss all the goodies,cause that would be such a waste....

I'll leave you with a few wips ....


lost his head

a little color

bare bones

almost there



Saturday, November 7, 2009


Had a storybook Challenge again this year!!! My doll was my own interpretaion of
Susan Pearson's "Grimericks" Ghoul and Goblin love. I went for a cuter ghoul and green ( what else could he be?) goblin than the scarier ones of Gris Grimly...
and I called mine "Love At First Sight".

It was on display at the Houston International Quilt Show that just passed.
Joyce Patterson took this picture,from the show and I was so excited about
going after speaking with her a few days prior, but it was not to be...

I was unfortunately, not able to go, I was in charge of caring for my sweet grandies while their mama was nursing a flu. None of the grandies came down with the bug, that is except for all of us adults ....

I will be doing a small Christmas show with the group, this Nov. 21st at Holly Hall, here in Houston, my Kris Kringle was used for the invitaions, isn't that grand?
So I've been busy making dolls for the show or at least trying to do as many as I can...