Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween..

This IS Halloween!!!!!
These are the Halloween baskets for my son and grandies, this year....

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Halloween , with lots and lots of yummy candy!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cover Girl....

A while back I told y'all that I had sent a doll to Cloth Paper Scissors and they said they were interested in her? Well looky looky ....

Isn't it WONDERFUL???!!!
I was speechless..but only for a nano second, then I emailed some of my friends and family. My run of bad luck is just a distant memory.....:)

I had to show you what a sweet thing my dh did, he came home with this beautiful bouquet of flowers for me , to celebrate my doll being on the cover of the magazine!!!He also brought me some crullers along with other yummy sweets
that I really didn't need but LOVED ... notice the past tense?!!!!:)


Thursday, October 15, 2009

What would you do......

What could you do? When a couple of cute little boys turn two?
Welllllll....I would throw a FANTABULOUS, FANTASTICAL,BIG BIRTHDAY BASH, if I had lots and lots of free cash... I would order 3 cakes, cause I DO NOT bake, I'd fill up some jars with gumdrops and gumball and steak?...No No NO!!!A Ginormous big cake with the fish in a bowl and thing one and thing two, I think that should do, don't you?!!!!

But I'd have cookies and sweet drinks and candies GALORE and maybe some more!!!

Next a gigantical pool, filled with big colored balls in red and yellow and blue!!!
And still so much left we could do!!!?

Even a big blow up place to bump in and jump in at once, down and up ,up and down,
till the train came around.

It would be scarey with just me and you, but mommy and daddy would ride with us too!!!

And when that was done, we'd filled up our bellies with YUMMY GOOD cake, we'll open the presents and play a bit more!! Till your mommy and daddy say "Time to go home , this way to the door !!"

So we'll collect all our stuff, with goodies in hand, as we head out the door to our car... we'll all turn to say "We will never forget, all the fun that we had at the best birthday party by far!!"....

My Adorable twin grandies celebrated their 2nd birthday with a Dr. Seuss themed party
that their mom, my crafty and talented daughter, thought up and created ALL by her lonesome!!!!I was so proud and very in awe of her!!! Here she is with Jason her husband.


Monday, October 12, 2009's a surprize....

We have a VERY well known, guest artist, coming to SpookyTimeJingles !!!! Yay!!!!
So this is really big!!! look below ..can you figure it out?

..I sure as heck can't??? Makes me go crazy when I should know who it is but can't quite put my finger on it!!!! Take a gander at what all the wonderful offerings our talented artists have ready for everyone!!!

Anywho maybe someone out there can figure it out,then you can tell me, it'll be our secret ok?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The witching hour....

is nigh!!!! This is one of my new doll busts for SpookyTimeJingles 13th update,she is #3 in my "Little Witches " series.

The weather is cold and wet outside, everyone's wearing long sleeves and light sweaters at 60 degrees, Autumn is in the air!! It almost feels as if Halloween is just around the corner too and it really is? Too bad we can't have more of this cool stuff...
This one is called " Bleeding Heart "

"Bleeding Heart"

Under a blanket of night you sleep,
In that dark so cold and deep.
My Bleeding heart will have to keep.
So sleep my sweet, till next we meet.

by Flora Thompson

she is the Baby Vampire I had been working on. I think she came out looking so
other worldy, but not too creepy...
I have a few more new pieces there for y'all to look at...So if you want to get the best that Spookytimejingles has to offer, You have to be first in line to pick and choice from our wondrous coffer!!! ...Why would you be late anyway??


Friday, October 2, 2009

Head ,Fingers...

nose and toes....Getting my updates ready and wanted to show a new baby vampire that I'm almost finished with

These are the only wips I have of her, she's made of Apoxie Sculpt, I'm still not too sure of that medium. I like/need a lot of time when to do "do overs" and this stuff doesn't really give me that. Linda " The Gourd Queen" uses it all the time and I really don't know how she does it, so I figured I'd start small. I did use it another time for these two below and again the time constraints always throw me off!!

Don't forget to mark your calendar for the SpookyTimeJingles update coming up on the 13th!!