Thursday, April 24, 2008

Watercolor pencils

I think they are my new favorite medium!!! I just love the rich colors, look at my dolls eye, and below.....

This is a before and after of his hands, all the details are distinct but soft.

OH the possibilities are endless!

Monday, April 21, 2008

My cup runneth over....

My friend Katie of Punkindoodleboo
has given me the "Award of Excellence" for my blog and art! It's very flattering to get these awards from the very talented friends I have here on the web! I had to figure out which ones to honour with this award too and I think these artisans are great choices. If you go visit them, you'll know why!
Rebecca ~ MillerCampbellDesigns
Lorraine ~ PieCakePrimitives
Tiipetti ~ WhobyFire
Ivonne ~ TheCacklingCrows
Susan ~ PrimandProper
I just had to add that Ivonne had given me the same award! I found out when I went to tell her about hers !!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sometimes I forget...

....about dolls I have made, you know, the ones that wait patiently in the wings till someone finally catches a glimps of them? Well not Raven....there she goes!!!

Showing her neekid little be-hind, such a naughty mischevious little baby and just like all little ones, she got tired of waiting for her turn, as you can see I was supposed to fix her arm, among other things and a little girl can't wait forever
you know!... Caught you, you little stinker!

Well, no use getting mad,I'll have to find the time to fix her up, but I'm sure she'll just find something else to complain about, she really is a spoiled little thing though! oops! there she goes again...sigh!

Ayway it's way passed her bedtime and mine. All that running make a girlie so tired !... that makes two of us...Nite sweetie.

"Raven" was my very first "ball joint" dolly sculpt...(could be why she's so spoiled) She was a learning experience, I wanted a bjd so bad, but the price for even a small one was WAAAAAAAAY out of my budget so I figured I could make my own...
she can stand and sit on her own and is jointed at the neck, shoulders, elbows and knees, and is all of about 6-1/2" or so inches tall. All handmade, from concept to creation, without the use of molds.Her sockets are lined with pink satin, but as you can see her elbow joint was weak and broke, due to my lack of knowledge about the stability/strength needed for her joints. She has seed beads as eyes and Tibetan lamb for hair. I'm thinking of making another one, I do have some Cernit ....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Hey! Look what I found Cuteable they wrote a little something about my sweet Alice here!!!! I'm soooooo flattered!!!!! It's exactly what it says it is, a very CUTE blog! Go check it out and see if you don't agree, there were so many adorable things to see with links to them, and I'm up on top!!! I'm always suprized to see my creations anywhere else, but I think I like it!!!!...hehehe! Don't forget to go to " The Humble Arts "

Thought y'all might like one more photo of my dollies, these are my two little guys, The Cheshire Cat and The White Rabbit!


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Just a dream?

It's a warm summer day, when a cool wind blows,
My eyes grow heavy and slowly they close.
I see a white rabbit and a disappearing cat?
I'm big if i drink this or small when I eat that!
What was once a crying baby is now a squealing pig!
It's a topsy turvy place and it's getting quite big!
I'm an uninvited guest of the mad hatter and a hare,
Sitting at their tea party in the middle of nowhere!
While cards with pink flamingos play croquet with a queen.
I'm so very glad it was only just a dream!
by Flora Thompson

I love the way my Alice in Wonderland turned out, but she was a bit tedious to say the least. She's for sale at " The Humble Arts " Now I remember why I like to make different style dolls each time.
It seemed like I took forever on this one,the little guys were the more difficult ones eyes will never be the same again...I say that all the time!..hehehe.. but honestly I've had a headache since I started this vignette.

Well if you want to see more you'll just have to go to "The Humble Arts" Blondie should be putting her up soon.

Friday, April 11, 2008

That's what friends are for...

Life is good when you have so many friends and thanks to this old computer I do have so many! My sweet friend Annette ( the one who did my BEAUTIFUL NEW BANNER)
just gave me an award and it is one of the best for anyone to recieve, I think. Thank you sweetie! but as the rules say you have to pass it on to deserving friends and these are the ones I choose, cause thats what friends are for...hehehe.
Kristine~ Kitsch-n-Sink Studio
Darlene~ The Goblinz Bloggie
Blondie~ Vintage Primitives
Katie~Punkin Doodle Boo

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I think it was time to do this , I needed some color, Greenie of Greeneyez2 made the first one and she also did a beautiful job, but it was time to change it and I just love my new banner, my sweet and talented friend Annette of Huckleberry Arts just finished it for me, Didn't she do a beautiful job!
The little girl is me, at about 1-1/2yrs. old,I'm keeping my logo girl for now but might just change it to. The one constant in life is that it is always full of ...changes.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Green is the color...

...Of my new dolls eyes! I'm making a couple more dolls in the style of "Goldie",
The funny thing is that I cut both of these dolls from the same pattern, only I used 2 different types of linen. What a big difference, even from Goldie. The weave is tighter on both of these and one more so than the other,I needed a tighter weave to facilitate the separate fingers and although the weave is better for them it's not so good for the rest.

Well, back to the painting and dressmaking and.....


... I have been given another award, I found it by happenstance, I like to see who visits me and I noticed that this link was showing up quite a bit on my FEEDJIT, So I took a look and found this adorable site Middle of Nowhere she has a little quip about my blog and gave me this award...How sweet is that? Don't know what exactly to do now, but she gave it to 5 people so here I go.....
Kelly~ once in a Blue Moon Primitives
Sharon~Mustard Seed Originals
Cookie~ Curds and Whey
Rochelle~ BloggieDoodle
Pam~ Soft in the Head

Thank you Gretel

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sweet little nothings

I treated myself by ordering some of the delightful wares of Cindy Gilstrap at on etsy. A birthday treat...kinda sorta. She sent my order promtly and I recieved it yesterday!!!! YAY!!!! I just had to show y'all how it all came in this yummy little pink box, surrounded in a bed of pink tissue and I couldn't wait to open it...but then I didn't want to open it, because it would be ruined, so out came my camera!!!

So many little sweet trinkets to behold, don't you think? Just too adorable to use, so I'll save these and order some more...maybe, but in the meantime, the box sits so prettily at my desk, where I open and close it, hehehe, again and again...I'm so easy, but I can't help it, I LOVE pretty, pretty sweet little nothings.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Goldie is no longer lost...

No she isn't, that's because she and her three bitty bears have found a wonderful new home and are now excitedly packing their bags for the trip! Many grateful thanks to Ms.Elizabeth T. for your continuing patronage at "THE HUMBLE ARTS"

There are so many wonderful creations yet to buy, so please go take a look, you might see something that you just can't live without! You should hurry though cause they're going fast! Let me help you ..just click on the link here -> " THE HUMBLE ARTS "