Sunday, April 13, 2008

Just a dream?

It's a warm summer day, when a cool wind blows,
My eyes grow heavy and slowly they close.
I see a white rabbit and a disappearing cat?
I'm big if i drink this or small when I eat that!
What was once a crying baby is now a squealing pig!
It's a topsy turvy place and it's getting quite big!
I'm an uninvited guest of the mad hatter and a hare,
Sitting at their tea party in the middle of nowhere!
While cards with pink flamingos play croquet with a queen.
I'm so very glad it was only just a dream!
by Flora Thompson

I love the way my Alice in Wonderland turned out, but she was a bit tedious to say the least. She's for sale at " The Humble Arts " Now I remember why I like to make different style dolls each time.
It seemed like I took forever on this one,the little guys were the more difficult ones eyes will never be the same again...I say that all the time!..hehehe.. but honestly I've had a headache since I started this vignette.

Well if you want to see more you'll just have to go to "The Humble Arts" Blondie should be putting her up soon.


Gretel said...

OMG, this is superb! Just - superb.

Flora said...

PG, I'm so glad you like her !!! Thank you so much!

FairiesNest said...

They're marvelous! I love her necklace with the A, and the Cheshire cat is wonderful too.

Flora said...

Thank you for visiting me and for the sweet comments about my Alice!
BTW your Lizbeth and Dante are are just lovely!

Diane Duda said...

I just love her sweet face!


Flora said...

Thank you Di for the lovely comment and so glad you came to visit me!

Courtney Short said...

she is awesome.. my favorite feature - her LIPS!! they are too cute :-)

Flora said...

Thank you sweetie! My niece's 2-1/2 yr old dd has lips something like this and I tried to duplicate them, they kinda do look like them.