Tuesday, April 8, 2008


... I have been given another award, I found it by happenstance, I like to see who visits me and I noticed that this link was showing up quite a bit on my FEEDJIT, So I took a look and found this adorable site Middle of Nowhere she has a little quip about my blog and gave me this award...How sweet is that? Don't know what exactly to do now, but she gave it to 5 people so here I go.....
Kelly~ once in a Blue Moon Primitives
Sharon~Mustard Seed Originals
Cookie~ Curds and Whey
Rochelle~ BloggieDoodle
Pam~ Soft in the Head

Thank you Gretel


Gretel said...

I am never sure what to do with them either...but I wanted to mention fabby new blogs I'd found, and you just happened to be one of them! :)

Flora said...

Thanks for stopping by and THANK YOU SO MUCH for the award!!!! come back and visit me anytime!

Kelly~Once in a Blue Moon Primitives said...

Thank you Flora for passing on such a beautiful award! I am so honored that you thought of me and will proudly display it on my blog!

Love & Blessings,

Flora said...

Kelly you are so welcomed !

Cookie said...

Flora dee Dora, my partner in crime - thanks for thinking of me buddy ... what a great honor to be mentioned on your blog!


Flora said...

AHAHA partner in crime ,I like that!!!! You are so welcomed Cookie!

roshekie said...

Hello Flora!
Thank you so much for the passing out! (of the award that is) You are very kind and your dolls - what I have seen so far - are incredible! Sorry for the delayed response as well - I don't get "out" on the internet as much as I used to! Have a delightful evening! -Rochelle Fugate

Flora said...

Thank you very much for the compliments on my dolls! And I am so happy you had time to come and visit with me,please come again!