Sunday, September 13, 2009

Open letter to the universe....

Dear Universe,remember the conversation we had the other night? The one where I said
" I'm ready for whatever you have to give me?" UH ,can I rephrase that, because
I meant the "GOOD STUFF"....
I feel like I'm walking around with a bit of a dark cloud,I don't mean to harp on
this issue because for the most part I'm a lucky girl!!!!
So why am I feeling this way you ask?
Well for starters I came down with a staph infection that had to be excised in the doctors office, ( FUN STUFF ) then packed every night at home ( MORE FUN STUFF)#1
My computer crashed, #2
I have had a bad earache for the last 4 days#3
And the lastest just happened today #4
See the lovely little egg growing from my ankle?

I was getting ready to go see my mom,when low and behold I stepped wrong and fell.I remembered hearing a loud cracking sound as my ankle twisted underneath the weight of my body... I was more in shock than in pain,as I sat there in a bit of a daze.
I was able to get up with some help, so I thought hey I'm ok, afterall I am a lucky girl!!!?
So I'm in the car for the hr drive to mom's home and I'm having discomfort, I look down and see this bump,awww S**T!! I thought bad luck was supposed to come in 3's?? So who's the wise guy who changed the d*** rules and why wasn't I told about it, HUH!!....?



Anonymous said...

Oh Flora I am so sorry for your discomforts and dilemmas...

Wat a time this is for you....

I know it will change...

But I also know how disheartening if can seem...

The Buddha says
"Fortune changes with the swish of a horse's tail"

Flora said...

Thank you my dear friend , I will keep that in mind as I hobble around because I know it to be true!!!

Light and Shadow Studio said...

Flora, I am so sorry. They say we must know pain and suffering to know joy and happiness. I know this is true but it doesn't seem to help much when we are experiencing the "bad" part. I hope though, that knowing there are people like me and others who care about you and hope that things change quickly for you and you are again experiencing the joy of life. Get better soon my friend and quit talking to the universe! Hee hee

anjah said...

Ouch, I'm so sorry that you've hurt yourself. I wish you a speedy recovery! Hugs, Anjah

Mima said...

Hola Flora,
I am so sorry about your misfortunes but your still full of life. Life just wants you to slow down a bit and take it easy. I will keep you in prayer, and get well there are many who still depend on your love. Hugs, Mima

SpiritMama said...

I wish you wellness, Flora! Maybe the universe is trying to get you to slow down?
Blessings on a speedy recovery!

KatHreN said...

sorry about all the bad luck you have been having. Unfortunatly I know how you feel, things will get better though. chin up.

Tracy M. said...

Oh Flora, I'm so sorry.
You know the saying, When it rains, it pours. I know the feeling too well. Hopefully everything is behind you now, and you will get back to normal soon. Please take care,
Tracy M.

Flora said...

Thanks Tammy!!!I know now that I should just keep my mouth shut huh?
Either that or think out very carefully what I really mean!!!

Ginny Diezel said...

Good GRIEF, Flora! Please take care of yourself! I know what you mean about things ganging up! My computer crashed in August, despite my security. Somehow, I managed to get a virus! I lost my address book, my bookmarks, and all of my emails from people interested in my artwork! Ick! Hang in there! I sympathize right along with you! Take good care of that ankle - certainly nothing to take lightly! xoxo Ginny

Flora said...

Thanks to all of you sweet ladies for your words of wisdom and kindness!!!
I hate to admit it Spirit Mama and Mima, but maybe you two are right.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

your ankle looks like my ankle. i was walking down the street and simply steps on a piece of pavement that was off by a quarter inch but it was enough for me to turn my ankle. i felt something sort of tear. ugh! i have had a bump for weeks and it is sore! hope yours heals soon!!!

Flora said...

Bless your heart!!So there is no getting around this " dilema" any sooner.!!!Well I've borrowed my moms extra walker and I guess I will be hobblin around for a while.

Catherine said...

Flora, I am so sorry you twisted your ankle, and all the other problems you have been having lately. Sending prayers for a quick recovery. I look up to you for a positive attitude, your words and art inspire me. I hope you get better soon!
Hugs Cat

Flora said...

How kind of you Cat!!!I'm sure things will get better soon!!!Thanks so much for your prayers and everyone elses too!!!

Skeleton In My Closet said...

Arrrrgh! Floradora, you poor thing!! Do not be surprised to have permanent swelling in your ankle. I stepped off a step carrying a forty pound box and turned my ankle about 10 years ago and I still have a noticable bump!

Sorry, Sweetie -Hope things turn around soon!


Flora said...

Arrrrgh!! is right!!! Well I can't say i'm looking forward to an unsightly bump on my boney ankle
it will really stand out now!!

Lisa said...

Oh no, Flora, I came over to thank you for popping in, but...the universe wants you to experience it all at once? Lay back and ask yourself, what am I learning from this...I don't know either, but try epson salts. You always leave Blessing to everyone, so I'll leave you with many blessings.


Brandi McKenna said...

Oh FLORA>>>> Iam so sorry to hear of it all. A year ago in October I got a MRSA infection...It was in my left ankle and it was an ordeal to pack it and all that too. I put raw Manuka honey on it and it made it better faster. I hope things get better there for you soon...keep your chin up!!!

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

~Darling, sweet Flora~
well, thank goodness for "extra walkers"~
all 4 of these "buggery" things will go away.~& that is a Blessing~

~but~what a "pain in the a**nkle"~

specially when all your trying to do is wonderful & kind things~

~you shout out~"GO AWAY YOU "bad stuff"!~YOU WILL NOT STOP MY GOOD WORK!!!~

Chicken Lips said...

Bless your heart! When it rains, it pours, doesn't it! I hope the misfortune is over and it's all sunshine and rainbows from here on out!

Georgina said...

Oh no, my Flora. Well, will just chalk this up to a little bad mojo and should clear away soon. I've had weeks like that and eventually the black clouds and the sky is once more blue. Just take care of yourself and stay put...the studio is where you should be, it's your happy place. I've been down with a little something too...had the jalapeno popper from hell...that's what happened to my tummy, but I'm much better today...have a good one and tell the Universe to back off!!! LOL

Flora said...

Just reading everyones good will and advice is very uplifting.
My ankle is healing nicely, still painful but less so than yesterday,
and the swelling is down.
Thanks again to all!!!

Doreen Frost said...

Good Lord poor thing!!!! Wishing you a much, much better day and week..month..ect!!!! So sorry about the staff infection..gosh that's scary..and now the ankle along with everything else.


ps...if you heard the crack..sounds like you may have broken something...perhaps you should see the Dr.


Flora said...

Thank You Doreen!!!,
I probably should have but the swelling is down considerably today and so is the pain!!!So I'm gonna baby it some more and see...

PEA said...

Flora I hope you went to the DR.?
Do you have a ace bandage? Or panty hose work well as well. I like to wear knee highs at night instead of the ace. It makes me sweat( when I hurt myself)
You poor thing I know the rains all too well. We say if it were not for bad luck we would have none at all!
Prayers for healing and sweetness only ahead.

Flora said...

Hell Pea!!!!,
I know I should have gone but I didn't
The swelling has gone down and I'm able to walk a little...
Thanks for your prayers!!!

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Sorry to hear that! Hope you are feeling better soon....and that you have got all that stuff out of your system :)


Flora said...

Things are looking up, and better yet I feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better too!!! Thank you very much!!!:)!!

Ayala Art said...

Flora you have a way of saying things, that even when i know it is painful and maddening, I still found myself smiling, sorry! I am sending you a Big Hug and my best wishes of a speedy recovery. My computer also had a horrid virus and lost the hard drive, and that was bad enough.

Flora said...

Well if I can make you smile, then my job is done!!!;)
Life is always better with a smile anyway, dontcha think?

Tamara Dozier said...

Oh Flora, so sorry to hear you got hurt. A few years ago I was walking down the stairs from my porch (only 3 stairs) when I lifted my right foot and my left ankle turned. Unfortunetly I broke both bones and, as my doctor later told me, turned the tendons into hamburger. They had to operate on both sides of my ankle to repair it all.

You take care of yourself and please remember ... when you ask the universe for anything be very specific or it will test your metal.

lisanelsonart said...

Holy Cow, Flora - sounds like someone put a hex on you! It seems to me this kind of stuff always happens in a cluster. However, that means you're due for a whole lot of happy coming your way! Keep your chin up - this will all soon pass. Hugs, Lisa

Flora said...

Hello and thanks so much for visiting me!!
Ouch!!! Tamara,I was fortunate, my ankle is no longer swollen and I am walking around carefully...I believe that it was just a series of unfortunate events...;)
Lisa, I sure hope you are right!!!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

I've not been a very good blogger all ths month so I've not seen nor heard about your misfortunate fall.
So sorry to hear and I do hope that you're doing much better now!
I feel like I've been in one of my "hermit" modes all month and out of touch with everyone.


Flora said...

Oh honey, I know how busy life is so no worries here!!I am all heeled up
now if I could just catch-up on some sleep!! Thanks so much for stopping by sweetie, I appreciate it!!