Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What a fine mess...

I've gotten myself into!!!! My computer finally crashed and I don't think there is anyway to bring it back to working order, so I'm using my laptop to get the basics
done. It seems like if it's not one thing it's another lately...I'm not sure if I'll be able to upload my SpookyTimeJingles dolls in time for the Sept. update.
Wish me luck...



Georgina said...

Oh my, Flora, good luck!!! I know the feeling...sometimes if I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all!! LOL

I'm waiting for mine to die on me too one of these days....hopefully it can last till Christmas when I can afford to buy a new one. Peace out!

Unknown said...

Crossing fingers for you sweetie..Sorry about the crash.


Tracy M. said...

Good Luck Flora, I had that happen a few weeks back myself. It's horrible, it's amazing how much we depend on our computers these days.
Take Care,
Tracy M.

Unknown said...

Oh have I been there and done that Flora!

My computer crashed and burned about a year ago and I LOST everything! Doesn't pay to not back up your computer!

I finally am putting things back in order on my new machine....

Good Luck~

Flora said...

Thanks Pattee,I was fortunate in that I had my ds
down load all my pic's and docs on to a disk prior to us leaving for vacation last month!!!
Thank Goodness!!!

Flora said...

Georgina, Sonia and Tracy,
I got my fingers crossed for a quick recovery, I do hope my dh
can fix it!!!I really can't believe
it, but like I said, my ds had downloaded most of my important stuff on to a disc, so I think it will be ok.....?

Mima said...

OMG! Flora!
I am so sorry about your computer but I will keep you in my prayers so that everything works out for you. Your a go getter and I am use that you will recover, soon. Hang in there! Hugs, Mima

Flora said...

Hey Mima,
Many thanks !!!! I don't think I lost much just can't get to any pic's or doc's or Edit!!!!
I guess I kinda lost my brain???

Susie McMahon said...

Eeeek! I live in fear of this happening to me........I'm gonna back everything up....today!

Ayala Art said...

I just went through that myself... a virus got the best of my pc :o'
Good luck!

PEA said...

Oh My Flora,
it seems to be going around. I thank goodness have a back yo hard drive for all my stuff. got to load some new things on there.
I do hope all goes well. I am sure someone at STJ will help ya if you email them the pics. Hope the week gets better for you.

Flora said...

Thanks again everyone!!! I thought it was fixed last night, but no, so now I am going to see if I can use this laptop to get my things done!! Should be fun...?