Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I have to share!!!!!

One of my most favorite customers sent me this email after seeing my " Red " , Dana was the one who inspired /challenged me to create her. She's good for what ails ya and then some!!! Just look at what she said:

Now, let me tell you I just almost gave my poor Marty a heart attack, screaming for him to come quick. I was looking on your site whilst at the computer with email and such. (It's so wonderful to have had only one case today and a little down time!)
Any way, you know what I saw, you little stinker. I was practically having to do the old paper bag trick to stop my hyper ventilating and Marty was standing over me going "What!? What!?" while all I could do was point at the monitor with a big stupid grin before I was finally able to squeak out, "That's my Red!!!!!" (She is my Red, isn't she?!?!) Dibs, dibs, dibs, dibs, dibs!!!!! Simply Red - PERFECT!

FLORA!! I love her already. She's beautiful even in her naked clayness. That lip between her teeth and the cut of her eyes gave me goosebumps! I already see her voluptuous, seductive wickedness. Rufus C. (the C stands for Canis of course) Lupus will definitely howl for the spells she will put him under and enjoy every wavering note! (I have to admit he and I have been doing a happy dance around the library).

BRAVO! BRAVO! I'm on my feet, this is a standing ovation! You my friend leave me speechless, and believe me, ask anybody who knows me, it's not an easy feat. I am awstruck by the talent within your creative mind and the hands with the ability to make your visions live right before the eyes of your wondering audience. You my dear must have one of the original Greek muses occupying your soul. It is my pleasure and my eternal delight to have had theprovidence to meet you and the honor to own some of your creations. Pick up your roses, Flora, they have showered your stage!

I'm a fan! I'm a groupie! I'm an acolyte!

Sweetie you are one of the reasons I love what I do....


yoborobo said...

Wow, Flora - that is an amazing letter. I bet you were smiling ear to ear when you read it. Congrats! :)

Phillane E'lee said...

Comments from sweet customers is my favorite perk to this job. Those sweet words are a glowing testimony to your talent.

Yve said...

How lovely! What is the "Red" she refers to, is Lupus that amazing wolf/man you made a while back, I think I've missed a few posts, must scroll back and find out :o)

Yve said...

OK, now I get it! That's a fantastic facial expression you've captured, can't wait to see her finished :o)

vivian said...

awww!! I feel the same way about you.. you are an extreme talent! Ive told you before, you are one of my idols! She just says it way better then me!

Bumpkin Bears said...

very well deserved Praise :) It is lovely when we have such kind encouragement from our customers, I always feel it makes all our efforts worth while making people so happy. Lovely to have found your Blog.
Hugs, Catherine x

Bone*Head*Studios said...

Thanks everyone for the sweet comments!!! Yes ms. Dana always makes me smile and laugh out loud too!!! She touches my heart as well, as do all my friends.
WELCOME BUMPKIN BEARS!!!! Thanks for taking the time to visit and leave such a kind comment, I do hope you come back often!!!

Amy Sullivan said...

~Now that was a beautifully written letter !~
& well deserved Flora !~
~RED~ is gorgeous & I too will be looking forward to seeing how you finish her up~

AwtemNymf said...

Awwwww- that was so sweet :O) I can't wait to see the finished product. Oh take your time... we love your WIPs!

Bone*Head*Studios said...

Hi AwtemNymf!!!
Thanks for the sweet words and BTW
Love your new hair color!!!

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

WOW Flora, if that doesn't make your day nothing will!! Very well said and ALL true:) I always admire your work and it ALWAYS inspires me to do better!! LOVE IT:)

CUDOS to you my talented friend:)


Bone*Head*Studios said...

Thanks a bunch Jacqui!!! It's good to hear from you , you are too kind!!!