Wednesday, March 31, 2010

From the blackness comes....

the wicked, wicked one...

well ok,just his head...!!!

On a lighter note, hehehe , I told y'all I was in a Bunny Swap for Vivian of " Viv Out on a Whim " So here is a picture of my sad little " Pinky " bunny.

And here is just the sweetest bunny I have ever seen!!! He came hopping down the bunny trail yesterday from the very talented Theresa Whitmore's creative hands of " Sycamore Moon Studios " !!!Look at all the extra's she added, she must have to wear
magnifying glasses to make these adorably tiny creations!!!

And look at the other delightful creations I got, I treated myself one more time for my birthday , I had to have Cindy Copp-Waterfield of " Cat and Fiddle " halloween ornies!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Blessed Easter!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Speak of the devil...

...and he appears

My what a long tongue you have....

Chompers are a bit wicked looking too huh? Thought since it was so close to the update on " The Emporium " for " Ehag " that I'd go ahead and post a few WIPS
hope ya like them!!!

I found some paper mache clay called " Patmache " by Jovi I know another artist who uses the "Patwood " by the same company and she makes fabulous Ball joint dolls!!! So when I saw them on sale I figure why not? The texture is rough like papermache after it dries, but very easy to work with when moist. Also if you work it or condition it prior to using it
the final product come out fairly smooth.

Blessings ,Flora

Friday, March 26, 2010

Did I bite off ...

more than I could chew?...Ehag's The Emporium is having an update on Wednesday, March 31, 9 pm ET.

I did have a piece , for it though,thank goodness but this is only a sneak peek,
not hard to figure out what it is huh?....

I also just sent off a piece for Vivian, of " Viv on a Whim " for her "Bunny
Swap " I was partnered with the wonderful Theresa of " Sycamore Moon Studios " you really need to go see her needle felted bunnies, they are soooo sweet!!!
I'll be posting some pictures of my bunny as soon as Theresa gets her package!!

Back to work on more art dolls for " The Halloween Convention " for SpookyTimeJingles

So this is all for now, as my dh likes to say when he's overwhelmed, " I feel like a one legged man at an ass kicking contest"???
Believe me it's hard to do....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I was SO mad!!!....

Because for the 4th time in as many years my dh business was broken into!!! I was fit to spit nails and to make matters worse my dd and sil had a rare evening out and someone broke into their Navigator. Items were stolen each time of course, items that held personal value that a thief couldn't possibly understand...
So YES I was definitely MAD as hell!!!
This time at my dh business, a neighbor and friend made it possible for the scoundrel
to be caught!!!We were there to see the whole thing happen as the police came, cornered and arrested him!!! But only for the diligence and bravery of those special neighbors, did it happen.Thank you Angelica and Daniel.
And yet after all was said and done, as I looked at his face , I could not feel anything but saddness and pain? Through misty eyes I felt a familiar ache in my soul, why, this man was not someone I knew, but there it was...saddness and pain.
His face had a look of bewilderment and confusion,as he looked at everyone but saw no one,resignation maybe ...I don't know... Mexican ,my people, but an illegal.
I'm sure we , unfortunately , will see "his kind" again and he will be on one of those revolving doors.
Why come to this still wonderful country and choose a life of crime, all for some electrical wiring....what a waste...

Blessings , Flora

Friday, March 12, 2010

Petite Lapine....

is doing the bunny hop because he's on the cover of Celebrate365 of course he's in good company!!! The lovely Connie Porcher
emailed me a few days ago about it and yesterday Robert Brawley, the "Halloween Fanatic" told me that the magazine was out and there he was, Robert posted it on his "SpringFling and Other Silly Things" blog!!! Thank you Robert and Connie!!!So if y'all get a chance go on over and take a peek, or better yet buy a subscription,I did!!,then you'll never miss any of the wonderful ornaments!!!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

You know what they say about.....

How bunnies multiply , so it's only natural that they've gone and done that here too!!! I have more Bunny Foo-Foo's to offer you for the SpookyTimeJingles update this Sat.the 13th!!!

But that's not the only thing popping up!!! Let me introduce you to my newest
cute ,bitty chicks called " Peepers " all ready for Spring too!

And of course incase you've forgotten that it's still cold outside my " Frostie " folk will remind ya that it ain't over till the fat lady sings!!!
Don't look now but I think I see her coming around the corner.....?

Think STJ , then gather your pennies ,collect all your change and you can buy something that in fits your range.