Tuesday, August 30, 2011


to do a sketch...

More later , See Ya!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mother's pride....

My children are very talented and industrious, to say the least!!! My two oldest are stay at home moms but along with mommy duties they each have an on-line business, respectively. I should have done this sooner, so without further ado I'll show you...
Miranda, Jason,Mykayla and twins Avery and Tristan

here are some samples of her gorgeous work:
Here's the link
Whimsical Printables

Chencha, Brian and Kinsley
These are what she sells, they are sweetest "foodboxes" I've ever seen and I think you will agree!!!Think Birthdays, Halloween or just about anything!!!

Here's her website and Etsy link
Cutekids Foodboxes

Cute Kids FoodBoxes
Parties and holidays are so much more fun, when you put that extra something special into it and I do believe these are just the right touch for that big to do you might have in mind ?
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Friday, August 12, 2011


A late entry for the STJ update tonight
An"geli"que is a "Dynkie Angel"

Joyful Song

Let's lift our voice in song
and bow our head to pray.
The joyful song of faith
sent sweetly on it's way.
With words of praise and glory
For The One who made this day.
by Flora Thompson

So sorry but didn't have time to do WIPS of the whole process just the usual stuff, from cutting the foam then rolling out the clay and applying it to the foam base.
More later , SEE YA!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Can it be...

That I'm actually ahead of schedule, what is this world coming to...?? I can't really say I'm 100% done I've got a couple of things that still need some tending to, but anywho here are the
Halloweeny items for STJ update for this Saturday August 13th...
Scehwee Skehwingtun

Squirmy Wormy
Spooky Glimmers
Time is approaching at such a smart pace, you gotta move quickly or be in last place. As for the clients we cater, SPOOKYTIMEJINGLES is all about getting there sooner, rather than later...
Wumbwie WIPS:
Arm was redone from a previous post
More later, SEE YA!!!