Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Can it be...

That I'm actually ahead of schedule, what is this world coming to...?? I can't really say I'm 100% done I've got a couple of things that still need some tending to, but anywho here are the
Halloweeny items for STJ update for this Saturday August 13th...
Scehwee Skehwingtun

Squirmy Wormy
Spooky Glimmers
Time is approaching at such a smart pace, you gotta move quickly or be in last place. As for the clients we cater, SPOOKYTIMEJINGLES is all about getting there sooner, rather than later...
Wumbwie WIPS:
Arm was redone from a previous post
More later, SEE YA!!!


Anthropomorphica said...

I love seeing your WIPs Flora, makes me want to run back to my clay! The moon looks so joyful and squirmy brought a smile to my grumpy morning face ;)

Susie McMahon said...

Vewwy cyoot!

ImagiMeri said...

Stunning as usual Flora. I love how your mind works......amazing ideas. Can't wait to see more.


maddyrose said...

Flora, your little characters tickle my funny bone. I find myself unable to keep from smiling at them. It's wonderful when everything runs smoothly and there's no pressure at the last minute. Keep creating and I'll keep smiling.

Flora said...

Hello Susie,Meri and MaddyRose!!! Thank y'all so much for all the sweet comments, they are very much appreciated!!! Susie,been a while hasn't it, I'm sure you've been busy,thanks for taking the time to visit with me!!! Meri, how's it going, I was looking at an older Somerset magazine the otherday and there was a published piece of yours in it, congrats!!! MaddyRose ,always a pleasure to hear from you too!!yes it is a relief, but I just need to finish up some other stuff, maybe add one more...LOL!! Thanks again my dear!!!

Flora said...

Anthropomorphica!!!, Your comment was in my spam folder!!!It's always good to hear from you and to see your lovely face!!! Thanks bunches for the sweet comments!!!

Christel said...

Hi Flora..been way too long since I have visited, my apologies, but there are wonderful!! So whimsical, and adorable! Love your work, you are so creative. xoxo Christel

Flora said...

Hello Christel, how lovely to see your sweet face again!!! Thank you so much for the kind comments!!!

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hi, Flora
As ususal, your work is completely amazing!!!
You are the best with your tiny details...
BTW...love your whimsical music on your blog!
Teresa in CA

Flora said...

Hello Teresa!!! So nice of you to come visit with me and thanks so much for takng the time to post such a kind comment!!!