Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mother's pride....

My children are very talented and industrious, to say the least!!! My two oldest are stay at home moms but along with mommy duties they each have an on-line business, respectively. I should have done this sooner, so without further ado I'll show you...
Miranda, Jason,Mykayla and twins Avery and Tristan

here are some samples of her gorgeous work:
Here's the link
Whimsical Printables

Chencha, Brian and Kinsley
These are what she sells, they are sweetest "foodboxes" I've ever seen and I think you will agree!!!Think Birthdays, Halloween or just about anything!!!

Here's her website and Etsy link
Cutekids Foodboxes

Cute Kids FoodBoxes
Parties and holidays are so much more fun, when you put that extra something special into it and I do believe these are just the right touch for that big to do you might have in mind ?
Catch Ya later,


ImagiMeri said...

Oh Flora, how proud you must be. Such amazing talent doesn't fall far from the "mommy" tree does it. I will definitely be looking up their sites, thanks for the links.


Flora said...

Well thank you very much Meri!!!
But I have to say that they are so much more thank I could ever hope to be,truly, but thanks so much again and Please do go check the links out!!!

Malissa said...

You have a beautiful and very talented bunch there!

Flora said...

Malissa !!!!! It's been too long how are you? Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and for the sweet comments, a mom always believes her children are wonderful,they can be a handful even at this age but wonderful none the less!!!