Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby Love....

Or puppy love either way my cuties know what Valentines is all about!!!

Candy Kisses
Chocolates & Bon Bons are delectably yummy
They all disappear right into my tummy!
And Valentine hearts filled with sugary wishes,
Lovely indeed, but none so sweet as your
Candy Kisses…
by Flora Thompson

One last chance to get a Valentine Hootennanny doll before we do Easter!!!
I guess this is my ownliest offering for SpookyTimeJingles this month,like I said "ever the white rabbit"...
I took one picture as I started my dolls, but
forgot to take anymore?
Times awasting, so get a move on, to SpookyTimeJingles
Hootennanny cause you never know
what lovelies you'll find, just in time for your Valentine!!!!