Saturday, November 7, 2009


Had a storybook Challenge again this year!!! My doll was my own interpretaion of
Susan Pearson's "Grimericks" Ghoul and Goblin love. I went for a cuter ghoul and green ( what else could he be?) goblin than the scarier ones of Gris Grimly...
and I called mine "Love At First Sight".

It was on display at the Houston International Quilt Show that just passed.
Joyce Patterson took this picture,from the show and I was so excited about
going after speaking with her a few days prior, but it was not to be...

I was unfortunately, not able to go, I was in charge of caring for my sweet grandies while their mama was nursing a flu. None of the grandies came down with the bug, that is except for all of us adults ....

I will be doing a small Christmas show with the group, this Nov. 21st at Holly Hall, here in Houston, my Kris Kringle was used for the invitaions, isn't that grand?
So I've been busy making dolls for the show or at least trying to do as many as I can...


DellaRae said...

Love your ghoul and little green goblin. You always do beautiful work...and you are a good grandmother. That makes you even more special.

Mary S. Hunt said...

they are adorable!!!!
they should creatures for a childrens book
you should send their picture to a publisher!
i am sure they could introduce them to a childrens author...?

Flora said...

DellaRae and Mar, Thank you for the
sweet comments!!!
You know I have always regreted not going to college for my art, I think a children's book illustrator
would have been what I would have chosen to do...

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

You are so very talented!

Flora said...

Hi sweetie!!! Thanks for the visit and the comment!!!

dreamkeeperfae said...

o my, those are awesome, I like them very much, it tells a story on its own, and I don't even known the book ;)

Flora said...
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Flora said...

Dreamkeeperfae, Welcome and Thank you for the kind words!!! I enjoyed visiting your blog, with such delightful creations!!!!
Please do come back !!!

Il Girasogno said...

fantastic! Congratulations Flora, your creation is beautiful, I really like it a lot!



vivian said...

hi Flora! your piece Love at first sight is wonderful! (of course!) too bad you didnt get to go to the show and thankfully your grandbabies didnt get sick too. I'm nursing a little cold right now and keeping my fingers crossed that it doesnt turn into anything worse!
I hope you will share pictures of all the pieces you have and are making for your upcoming show! You know we're all dying to see them!
have a great sunday!

MLBetterly said...

SO CUTE! I love them. The expressions are adorable and as always, I just love your dolls.

Flora said...

Thanks a bunch ladies for taking the time to stop by to visit with me!!! Many thanks for the sweet comments too, I'll try and get the pic's up Vivian, but as usual I'm running behind!!!

Tracy M. said...

Oh my Gosh, they are wonderful!! Your pieces are so expressive, Love them.
Take Care,
Tracy M.

Flora said...

Hello Tracy!!!
How was your Halloween? I see you had some snow , I hate to brag but this Halloween was one of the best
we have had in a long time!!!
Weather wise and as well as my Grandies, they were the cutest things you ever saw!!!

PEA said...

Darling as always. Those grins have me hopping. OMG you do such a sweet grin. Must be modeled after the grandies.

yoborobo said...

So adorable, Flora! Glad those grandbabies didn't get the bug. :) xox Pam

Flora said...

Hey Pea and Pam!!!
Thanks so much for the sweet comments, AHAHA!!! I don't know about that Pea, but thanks, I'm glad the grandies didn't get sick either Pam!!!It was NOT

Sprite said...

Wow Flora, I'm in LOVE!!! What an amazing duo!! Congrats on the invitation, that's very cool!

Hope your feeling better. I think i may have just caught something too! grr!


Flora said...

Hey Sprite!!! How are you? Hope that foot is doing better!!!
I'm not sick, that happened about
a month ago!!!But thanks for dropping in and for they sweet comment!!!Take care ,the bug going around is NASTY!!!

Mima said...

Hola Flora,
Congrats, Darling! I am so happy for you. Even though, it doesn't surprise me. You do lovely work and its great to know that there are others out there that can see and recognize your gift.
TFS, Mima

Flora said...

Hello Mima!!!
How ya doing, hope all is well? Thanks a bunch for the sweet comment!!!!

AwtemNymf said...

WOW Flora- that is a masterpiece! I LOVE it! That cute goblin hahaha!

Flora said...

AHAHA!!! If you say so !!!lol!!!
Thanks sweetie!!

Shagsy said...

OMG Flora, I loooooooove that little green guy!!! He is amazing.......just like his creater!!!
Big hugs to ya Flora.........xox

Flora said...

Well well look who finally made it to blogland!!!! Good to see you here and thanks a bunch for the compliment Shagsy!!!