Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Busy busy busy....

and never enough time....I just barely finished my newest updates for SpookyTimeJingles

Senor Vampire

Clueless Male

A cautionary tale about a clueless male,
who took a shortcut through an
ominous trail !!
He did not tarry but quickened his pace,
heading towards his appointed place.
Much to his relief and delight,
he welcomed a stranger that fearful night.
Resplendent in costume, he did say
he too was going that way,
to the very same soiree...?

By Flora Thompson

Chilly Willy

Winter Folk

Winters chill is in the air,
A glimmer here and a shimmer there!
It's frosty harvest laid out bare,
when winter folk begin to appear.
It's a time for merriment and
Good Cheer,
for loved ones far and near.
This is that time of year
for all that we hold dear.

by Flora Thompson

So scoot on over to our favorite place , at SpookyTimeJingles and make no haste, or you'll miss all the goodies,cause that would be such a waste....

I'll leave you with a few wips ....


lost his head

a little color

bare bones

almost there




{Daydreamer} said...

Senor Vampire is absolutely, positively WONDERFUL!!! You never cease to impress me with your work Flora.

Flora said...

Hello Heather!!
Thanks so much for the lovely words and visit!!

Brenda LaBell said...

Flora, you never stop amazing me with your creations. I love your new STJ goodies and I can't wait to see your WIPs finished. Love your work!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Flora you never cease to amaze me never ever...
I want Senor Vampire!

Flora said...

Hello Patte and Brenda!!!
I'm so glad y'all came to visit me, and that y'all like my new dolls!!Thank you so much!!!

dreamkeeperfae said...

Lovely, the detail of the smile with the teeth popping out ;)

Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

Hello Flora,

What an incredible little creature!...

Anyhow..just wanted to stop in for a quick hello and to say I've got the coolest new chandelier if you'd like to drop by for a peek. :0)

Have a great day,

Flora said...

Hello everyone and Thank y'all for the kind words!!!I'm so glad the senor is such a ladies man!!

Unknown said...


You amaze me with your talent. You are truly gifted and inspiring to me. Love them both.


Flora said...

Thanks so much Sonia, always good to hear from you!!!

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

Flora, it is always such a pleasure to see your dolls!!! Thanks for being a constant inspiration:)


Flora said...

Thanks so much for the sweet comments!!! I have to tell you your dolls are very inspiring to me too!!!!

Georgina said...

Where have I been all this time...have missed many of your posts. Of course I love the dolls and the little prose to go with it. Have a great and busy weekend.


LLA Creations Art Dolls said...

The vampire’s grin is just great and the snowman just makes you smile!

Christopher A. Klingler said...

FUN new STJ goodies Flora!

Chris :-)

Flora said...

Good afternoon to y'all and thanks bunches for the visit and for taking the time to say such kind words!!!

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Senor Vampire is perfect! I love how you show from the sketch to the completed piece! Amazing.


Flora said...

Frog Queen, I'm so glad you stopped by,thanks a bunch for the comment too!!!

Mima said...

Hola Flora,
How Cool is SeƱor Vampire! He's beauty speaks for itself. Now Flora, could you imagine, if you had all the time you wanted for creating your creations. Your creations would be breath taking. I'm just numb with what you do creat with the little bit of time you do have. Maybe you do your best under pressure? The fact remains its all lovely work. TFS, Mima

Flora said...

Hello Mima,
I really don't like working under pressure, but life ALWAYS has a way of getting in the way no matter how hard I try!!!Thank you so much for the sweet words!!

Anonymous said...

Flora you won my giveaway! So if you mail me your address (again) I'll send your little holiday character out to you~
Thanks ~ Pattee
email me at

Flora said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!THANK YOU PATTEE!!!!!

Sprite said...

Oh Flora, they are both awesome. I love the wip pics!! Congrats on winning Pattee's contest! :)

BIG hugs,

Cindi Myers said...

I agree with everyone! You just blow me away time and time again!

Flora said...

Hello Sprite and Oldblackcatboo!!!
Y'all are so sweet, I'm always happy to hear the great comments from everyone, Thank y'all so much!!!
Yes, I am so lucky to win one of Pattee's artdolls,she is one of my favorite artist!!!

the wanderer [bernard] said...

okay, flora... your art is AMAZING!! i am so inspired.

Flora said...

Thanks so much Wanderer!!!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Flora I had to stop by to tell you how much I love your Senor Vampire this month on STJ. HE IS WONDERFUL!!! Love you posting your work in progress too!

Flora said...

Hello lady!!! So good to have you stop by for a visit!!!
Thank you so much for the compliment,your dolls were my inspiration for my new sculpts, so I very happy that you approve!!!