Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Feed my blog and followers

I just found this blog "Followers" thingy and this great graphic by Nacho Gomez, called "Feed My Blog" to encourage people who visit to comment when they come by because it's the comments that keep us " Living " so to speak, I think it's a fabulous idea and I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE to answer comments so...
Please do leave a salutation,
So that I might have an indication,
Of those who come in my direction,
But only if you have the inclination.



Anonymous said...

LOL, great graphic!! Glad you made it through Ike relatively unscathed.

Flora said...

You see they did work!!!!!!
Thank you Sheila, I wish everyone else did too.

Ginny Diezel said...

Hi there, Flora! So nice that you are safe and sound - and back to work
to create your wonderful pieces!

Flora said...

Thank You Ginny, I just wish there could be something done for those who didn't fair so well.

Sweet B Folkart said...

Flora - I love how your STJ Santa turned out - he's fearfully handsome!

- Sweet B

Flora said...

Sweet B,
Yes he is a bit fearful looking!!! Thank you for the kind compliment and for visiting me.

Altered Route said...

I have the inclination!! I visit your blog ALL the time! I have you listed in GetTheScoop live feed on my blog, so I know the minute you post something new! Love your works in progress and of course the finished works!

Flora said...

Oh Connie how fabulous of you to do that!!!! Many thanks for the lovely compliments about my art!!!

Lance said...

hey flora,
so glad to here you made it through!! Your new STJ stuff is amazing by the way!

Flora said...

Hey Lance, Thanks for the sweet comment and Right back atcha!!!
I think your Boo cat is so fantastic!!!

crazyjane said...

Hi I'm one of your followers, in the uk, just to say I adore your work and am very pleased that I 'follow' you

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

I just found I was being "followed" by a funny gal in Britian and noticed you are one of her "followers". She is a kick. I haven't found how that works yet but what a surprise when I discovered it could be done!!!
This is a great post. Have a lovely weekend.

Flora said...

Hello Jane,
You are the reason I took notice of the " thingy " hehehe!!!! I am very flattered that you would do so, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!

Flora said...

Laurie, I always get these comments out of order. I just told her that she is the reason I decided to " investigate" hahaha!!!Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!!

Susie McMahon said...

Hi Flora,
I've just been browsing your great blog - do you mind if I put a link to yours in mine?

Cheers, Susie

Flora said...

Susie ,
Hello!!I'm so glad you came to visit with me!!! And I would be so tickled to be added to your blog!!!!!

~dani~ said...

I am here and happy to comment!! I think comments are sooo important to each of us. It helps us feel like it is worth it and that people care. I get just under 1000 visitors each month on each blog and am lucky if I get 10 comments on a post. ;(
Love you, your work and your blog~

Flora said...

Hey sweetie!!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving this comment! I know I get a lot of visitors too,and I'm very happy about that, but it's always great to hear from them too!!! I try to leave a comment on whoever I visit too!

julietk said...

I agree it is so lovely to get feedback and get to know who you are blogging=waffling at :D I always say hello if I visit a blog.

Flora said...

Ditto!! and I appreciate that you do!!!Thank you for visiting with me!!!

Joy said...

Hi! Thanks for finding my blog and adding me as a friend. Now, I've found yours and your very talented art work. Your little dolls are so darling!! I would love to follow your blog and plan to do so. Continue on with your talents!
Have a very happy day!

Flora said...

Thank you for the kind comment and I'm flattered that you are one of my followers!!!