Friday, September 5, 2008

Ghost Bride

"The Insatiable Sea"
To the sea, to the sea, to the insatiable sea,
My true love is gone, he set sail and left me.
So I wander about this lonely cold shore,
From a well worn path I long for more!
While I wait for the day he'll return to me,
From the sea, from the sea, from the insatiable sea.
My love knows no bounderies,it knows not of rest,
And the limits of time it shall test.
One final dance, one final embrace,
And forevermore joined eternally.
So I drink it in deeply and go to him willingly,
In the sea , in the sea, in the insatiable sea.
by Flora Thompson
Another STJSept. offering.
with before pics.



Ginny Diezel said...

How in the world do you DO it? She is fantastic!

Flora said...

Hello Ginny!!! Thank you so much!!!

Kathie said...

Oh Flora!! I love her...I want her!! Where is she being offered???

Flora said...

Thank you so much,She will be on the Spookytime Jingles September offering, that will be on th 13th of this month.

Unknown said...

She's really beautiful, Flora. I love the way you've costumed her. What a lovely gown. What a talent you are!


Flora said...

Thank you Nina for taking the time to come over and visit with me and for the lovely comment!

marjo said...

She is beautiful :)
A great creation!

Flora said...

Thank you Marjo!!!! Always nice to hear from fellow artist!

julietk said...

She's wonderful

Flora said...

Thank You,I'm glad you like her!!