Monday, March 9, 2009

I was fortunate...

enough to join a "Skelly Swap" hosted by the multi talented powerhouse,Dani Nelson, of
Ambitions Designs and owner of SpookyTimeJingles

The best part of it all was that I was paired with a most wonderful artist
Christine of Du-Buh-Du I think this type of ornament is called a " Catrina" you can read about it here La Catrina But for now just look at my beauty:

The pictures just don't do the doll justice, a delicate shimmering medium was used on what looks like ceramic or porcelain flowers that gently crown her head, her eyes
are black glittery dots within filigree flower outlines that surround her eyes,
and a necklace of black glass beads caress her long delicate neck.
As if that wasn't enough, she sent a gorgeous card in brilliant colors and a couple of yummy candies...all gone by the way...hehehe...and I wonder why I can't lose weight? She really is beautiful.

And this is a before of my Skelly, I was so excited and anxious to get the swap ornament done and sent that I forgot one got it NO PICTURES !!!!
I could of sworn I had, well Ms.Christine was kind enough to do me the favor of taking some pictures and will send them tomorrow...egg on my face....
Here is what the before of mine looks like:

I'll post the finished ones as soon as I get them..


Silke Janas-Schloesser said...

Flora I love it and I love the sketch !!!!!!!!!!

twinkle teaches said...

What a beautiful, beautiful ornament!
:) tina

~dani~ said...

I know what an amazing swap the two of you are! Christine's is beautiful! And your WIP pic is TDF (to die for). Can't wait to see the finished piece too! Be sure to share your pics in the flickr group for all to see. Even the WIPS are great!

Yve said...

Looks great in the before pics, like it's made of chocolate! I'm on a diet though, so everything looks as though it's made of all the yummy things I can't have right now!!!

Can't wait to see the After pics. Yve :o)

Flora said...

Isn't she gorgeous? Thank you for the comment Silke!!

Flora said...

I agree Tina!!!!

Flora said...

Will do Dani and Thank you !!!

Flora said...

LMDAO, Poor Yve!!!Thanks and good luck with your diet!!

Flora said...

This is from Christine, for some reason blogger wouldn't let her post:

Hi Flora~
I attempted to post on your site but it didnt go through..or maybe it did and you now have 20 messages from me! Anyhow I posted can add it if it didn't go through:)

Warm Regards,

"Thank you Flora~she was a delight to make! And thank you for your brilliant piece!! I sent your photos and will be posting them on my site as well:)"

Thanks Christine!!

Yovanka Black said...

Very lucky swap partner!!!!!!!!!
La Catrina looks gorgeous :)))

And your skelly is soooooo beautiful even as a wip.. LOVE it and can't wait to see it finished!!


Flora said...

Thank you Yovanka!!! As soon as it's sent I'll post it!!

Victorian Lady said...

You are SO dang good, my jaw drops every time! blow me away! Thank you for all the WIP is SO neat to see it all come to life!



Flora said...

Hello Mere!!! How are you, I'm so glad you came it by!!!Thank you for the sweet comments!!

Tracy M. said...

Wow! I love the Catrina and your before pics of yours. Can't wait to see it and what you'll have for STJ this month.
Tracy M.

Tracy M. said...

Oh I love your music too!

Flora said...

Trying to get it done as we speak! Thanks Tracey!!

Huckleberry Arts said...

Oh I am loving him Would love to collect your Drawings!!!! When will you do some ACEOS!! A nice little Hint huh !!
Have a beautiful day!

Flora said...

Actually Annette, those are on my list to do, got all the stuff just trying to find some time, do you have some to spare?...hehehe!

Maximus said...

I love it!! You always amaze me that your work looks just like your sketches. Impressive! What is that you are using? Terra cotta? Fabulous! Look forward to seeing the finished piece. :o) Amy

Unknown said...

How awesome you cute,you go girl


Sonia ;)

Unknown said...

How awesome you cute,you go girl


Sonia ;)

Whisperings 13 said...

You are a lucky girl - she is beautiful- and candies to boot!
I love your process- to sketch and have it come out looking like your vision. thanks for sharing - can't wait to see the finished piece!
:o) Trace

~Tonya said...

I love what you received Flora...she is wonderful.

I also love the WIP that you made. I cannot wait to see the finished skelly. I love seeing your works in very neat to see it come together.

So much detail. Have a wonderful evening.


PEA said...

Now isn't she a beautiful skelly. I love the painting and am simply Pea GREEN! LOL
Now on to your wonderful artwork. My gosh girl, you draw, you sculpt, you paint and sew.. No fair! I can't wait to see it all done. I am sure it is outstanding as is all your work. I adore seeing the works coming together. I see all the details I miss otherwise.

Flora said...

Morning Amy, Sonia, Trace,Tonya and Sweet Pea! Thank you all for the lovely comments , sorry I couldn't answer all individually!!
But I love hearing from each and everyone!!