Sunday, March 8, 2009


Guess what !!!!I was contacted by the fabulously talented Neva Waldt of Art Dolls by Neva and was asked to join the wonderful group TAODA I can't believe it and I'm quite nervous, I will be meeting with them this coming weekend,I can't help but feel that I'm way out of my league. I'm not fishing for compliments either, I
just truly feel inadequate,they are all so accomplished true artists who have been published in Art Doll Quarterly ...toldja!!!!..OF COURSE I SAID YES, but now I'm feeling something in the pit of my stomache....
On a lighter note, I will be getting interviewed by Tina Winkle of Yes That's My Child
on March 13th, please stop by and leave a comment so I won't be all by
my lonesome ok? Thanks a bunch!


Unknown said...

Flora, repeat after me...
-I am worthy of peoples respect.
-I am talented.
-I deserve recognition for following my passion.
-I am an inspiration to others.

Say all of this over and over until that feeling in your stomach goes away.

This is wonderful news and I am so proud of you!
Will definitely visit Yes, That's My Child Screaming....

Light and Shadow Studio said...

Congratulations Flora! You may be nervous about it but Flora you are one of the best too and deserve to be there. Good luck and I will check out your interview when it's done too. So happy for you.

Flora said...

MissFicklemania,You are so sweet to say these things!!!Thank you so much for your gracious support!!

Flora said...

Thank you,for the luck and that kind comment!!!
I can't help but wonder what I'm getting myself into...

Whisperings 13 said...

Flora: Congrats in a HUGE way! You are worthy, you are deserving and you are SUCH an inspiration! ::and you are so not alone!::
Warm thoughts, blessings and hugs!
Stand tall and own it! you go girl!! :o) Trace

Flora said...

Trace, Many thanks for your kind words.!!!

Zan Asha said...

Now now Flora...I know you are humble about it but I'm sure most of us that know your work are NOT surprised. You are amazing!! It's only natural that you progress in this fashion!

Flora said...

Hello ZanAsha!!!
I think it has more to do with Agoraphobia than with humility,
What is humbling is everyone's responses.Many thanks !!!

Mima said...

I love your creations. I don't do this kind of crafts, but I am impleaded to do better from your inspiration. I like making cards and scrapbooking. I came across your site a month or so ago and have never stop coming back. God Bless you and thanks for sharing your talent.

Silvia said...

Flora, you are one of the most talented doll makers i have ever seen!
Best wishes,

Rebecca said...

Congradulations Flora! Sounds like quite an honor. You and your work will fit in just like a finely chiseled dovetail! Kudos! Becky

Georgina said...

Oh, My Dear,Wonderful Flora,

You're going to impress their proverbial buttocks'. You're every bit as talented and experienced as they are. It's ok to be nervous...never hurt anyone, but you go in there, girl, and kick some "stuff!"

Flora said...

Hello again Mima, What lovely comments!!! I remember your avatar and I'm so glad that you do come back, I enjoy the company! Thank you so much!!

Flora said...

Silvia, that means a lot comming from someone I think of as a friend.Thank you !!!

Flora said...

Well thank you so much Becky!!! I'm excited but nervous!!!

Flora said...

AHAHAHA!!!Georgina,I'll try and keep that in mind!!!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Flora, you silly girl!! Marley is just one of my very favorite pieces (wicked, he is just wickedly grand) and the invitation just validates what we all know about your talent!! Congratulations and kudos my dear!
Now, bask in the moment and know you are where you deserve to be!!

Flora said...

You are too kind Laurie, thank you so much!!!!

whimsymoon said...

Hi Flora!
I'm a member of TAODA....I won't get to be there this week when you come to the meeting, but I so look forward to meeting you! And don't be nervous! LOL
Other than making you sing a song about the glorious art of dollmaking......that's what I'm going to miss seeing! (Just kidding!)
Can't wait to meet you in person!

Flora said...

Your Angela Jeracki!!!Wow
Now I'm really nervous...I think I'm coming down with the flu , I been achey all day...the butterflies are acting up again...

Anonymous said...

Congrats Flora, you are a very talented artist and will do wonderfully well!