Monday, March 23, 2009

Halloween Imp..

This little guy came fast and furious and I like him!!! I don't have a poem or colors,maybe he just won't get one, actually I've been kinda weary of the rhyming thing , so maybe no little ditties, dunno...
A bit of doodling and there he was!

A styrofoam base

Clay added

And a strange little " Halloween Imp " appears. He has green glass eyes and a shy little grin.

Well off to add the incidentals..tata...hehehe!!!!


Sarah Sullivan said...

OMG Flora - he is toooo cute!!! Sarah

Flora said...

Well thanks a bunch Sarah!!!

Zan Asha said...

Still don't know how you do it, but keep it up :)

Flora said...

Hey Zan Asha!!
Thanks sweetie!!

Anonymous said...

He's adorable and unique. Can't wait to see him finished!

Unknown said...

Wow...that was so sweet to show us the sketch to the product...thank you


Sonia ;)

Shirley Williams said...

I've been following your blog for a while now and I wanted to tell you, as a newbie doll maker, that I really love your work and appreciate that you are willing to show your work as it progresses. I find your information and pictures of great help when I need to learn a new skill, or try a new way to use air clay. Thank you very much.

Flora said...

Hello and Welcome, Sugar Donkey Dolls!!!
Speaking of unique your dolls are very unique and lovely!!!Thank you for the comments and visit, please come again!

Flora said...

Hello Sonia!!! How are you? Thanks for the visit and comment !!!

vivian said...

wonderful!! hes going to be spooktacular!!

Flora said...

Welcome Shirley!!! I'm glad you came by and many thanks for the very kind comments.

Flora said...

Vivian!!! Hey, so glad to see your lovely face again!!! Thanks for the sweet comment too!!!

Whisperings 13 said...

oh Flora! Imp is right! how cute and innocent- yet something tells me he's been up to some mischief!

Creepy Creations by Jamie Moore said...

He is so cute! I can't wait to see him when he is done! I just love visiting your blog, you have such cool stuff! I also love how you show the different stages. It's like watching the little guy grow up.


Anonymous said...

OMG he is adorable!!!

Flora said...

Trace and Jamie, Thanks for the sweet comments, so glad y'all stopped by!!
blessings,Flora !!!

Flora said...

Awww thanks Pattee!!!I'm so glad you like him!!! Thanks for coming to visit me!!!

Anonymous said...

so cool!!!

PEA said...

Hello Flora,
The more halloween you create the more I am itching to make some too. It is one of my favorites and this creation is outstanding as ususal. Enjoying the slide show too! I tried to do one the other day and it was a bust. Will try again later.
Can't wait to see the wip done. I myself being a imp (was told by my father) am smitten by little creatures such as these. LOL
have a wonderful creative day.

Flora said...

Hello Mystele and Pea how are you two ladies doing? thanks for the visit and comments!!!

Anonymous said...

He's looking good! I love seeing the WIP's! Now I can't wait to see him complete.

Smiles, Debbie

Il Girasogno said...


Patty Benedict said...

Your Halloween imp looks soooo cute!
Have fun bringing him to life!
Bugs & hisses

LDWatkins said...

He's really a cutie!!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

This little guy is his little flying bat!
I look forward to seeing how he evolves!

Mima said...

Hola Flora,
Awesome, simply awesome! He's as adorable, it hard to believe that he's an Imp. Looking forward to seeing him adorned with all those cute accessories. I am so impressed with your talent, may you continue to be blessed. I hope someday to be able to afford one of your pieces.
GB, Mima~

Diane Duda said...

gaaaaaaaaa! i love him too!!!

Flora said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by to visit with me and for all the wonderful comments on my imp!!!!

Anonymous said...

He's already adorable even without the paint!

Flora said...

AWWW Thanks Caroline!!! I kinda wanted to go for the cute thing, so I musta got it!!! Thanks for the visit and sweet comment!!!

BoneyLittleFingers said...

Oh my Flora! So cute! I really love that you share your process - from "doodle" to finish. Can't wait to see the little guy all painted!


Flora said...

Karen!!!! Whatcha been up to? I added the clay " incidentals" He just needs to dry and then I can get him finished up!! Thanks for the visit and comment!!

Unknown said...

ohhh! I like him too!

Flora said...

Thank you mam'!!!

Coach Z said...

Wow!! It is so wonderfull to see all the stages!!! Something more artists blogs need to do! And, if you are like me, sometimes I really so not want to stop to take pictures...or more likely...forget. Thanks!

Flora said...

Welcome!!! Yes I know what you mean I have forgotten a few times myself!!! But actually I do pic's for myself as well as for anyone who cares to look, because I don't have such a good memory from one doll to the next, so it helps me too!!!!!

Griselda said...

What an amazing talent...great work!

Flora said...

Welcome and Thank you for stopping to visit with me and leaving such a kind comment!!!

ReneeBuchananArt said...

Flora, you are AMAZING! I LOVE your work!

You had asked a question about polymer baking times and what I've found is that, in general, it doesn't hurt to bake longer than the time on the package but don't exceed the temperature. The one exception that I have found is Super Sculpey, which I love, but it darkens if you bake it too long :)

I'm going to link to your site because I want to make sure I come back and visit.

Renee :)

Flora said...

Thanks for the sweet comments and for the information!!! I will make sure to keep it all where I can find it when the time comes for me to actually give it a go!!I'm so glad you came to visit!!

The Studio at Crow Haven Farm, LLC said...

Flora, I love how you sketch your art dolls, little creatures out and then have at it! Such talent you have woman..can you bottle that up and send some my way!
Have a beautiful weekend...I can't wait to see these little guys done!

Rheea said...

This is cute! Thanks for sharing your idea and and the process of your creation with us. Very interesting!


Flora said...

Thank you and welcome Rheea!!
I'm very glad you liked it!!!

Flora said...

Michelle,Thanks a bunch!!!I'm always glad to hear from you!!