Thursday, August 22, 2013

Why ...

Why didn't anyone tell me how hard it would be to send my last child away to college ?

Although it's not like anything could have prepared us for this , he graduated from high school with high honors , Magna Cum Laude which led to him receiving a scholarship to University of Texas Austin and we are extremely proud of him but it was also extremely difficult for us to leave him there. No he isn't a mama's boy but he is his dad's right arm ,his " Bud " ,which was his paternal grandpa's nickname. The idea that " he won't be present to say goodnight mom , I love you " accompanied with his familiar big bear hugs , well
it just feels like I've lost something precious and can't find it and I don't like that feeling at all , not one bit. !!!!
My oldest dd thinks sending her only child off to her first day of Kindergarten was hard , she's not gonna know what to do when it's time for this ... life has to happen doesn't it .

We said our goodbyes and watched as he left us

This is what I saw

I miss you Walker and it's only the first day with out you.
Love You more,


KittyAnn said...

I can sympathize with you whole heartedly as we just left our only child at college last week. It is so hard to think of them as 'jr' adults with a full life ahead of them as they seemed so small just yesterday. I just lost my Mom in June, she was my 'collecting' buddy, and now with my daughter gone too I feel so alone! I told my hubs I would need more kittens to fill the void! LOL! Best to you, Ani

Flora said...

Hello Ani,
Seems like we have two things in common ,I said my last goodbyes to my mom in April a few weeks past both our birthdays, still too raw .
I have two dogs to keep me from going crazy ,both are getting on in age so something else to think about as well.Take care and thank you so much for taking the time to comment
I appreciate it very much Ani.

Creepy Glowbugg said...

Oh dearest Flora!! The tears dropped as soon as I saw his little face!! What an outstanding young man you have raised. I can understand how you will miss him, but just know he'll be back - with dirty laundry!!
Big hugs to you and your husband.

Charmed Confections said...

Oh Flora! My heart is with yours and know that I am thinking of you. My daughter is a senior in high school and I am already feeling the panic of it being her last year with me and my husband. It is scary to send our babies out into the world. Be brave and take comfort in the fact that you have raised a wonderful son and God (and your Mom) are always watching over him - and you! XOXO

Georgina said...

Oh Flora, saying goodbye to your child is very difficult...I know. I've said goodbye to two of my three and they're now living away from home. My daughter and 5 grandies are in Austin and my oldest is now 36 and lives in Ft. Worth.

Back all those years ago, his father and I took him to A&M, where he was in the Corp of Cadets and a trumpet player in their fabulous band. We said our goodbye's and all was well, too well!

It wasn't till that first day I did laundry after our return and during the sorting, I found a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that he wore before he left...I just broke down, right there on the floor of the laundry room, clothes in my arms, crying away. But I got over it, sort of!!

So all will be fine and he's not that far away, so do enjoy your time as an empty nester for now because he'll be home before you know it.



Flora said...

Hello and thank you Glow, LeeAnn and Georgina ,all your comments feel like a much needed hug , truly ... tears have been flowing all day , I was trying to tidy up his room , big mistake, it's a bit overwhelming .
Glow it's that little face I see every time I think of him then the tears start coming , I'm a mess.
LeeAnn that is the exact feeling I had when we said goodbye, PANIC ,I'm excited for him but I guess I just want him to be my little boy forever...Yes Georgina I did that too ,too many memories of him as a little boy ,but he isn't , I hope it stops hurting soon.

Karen Mallory said...

I was lucky. My daughters went to local colleges. They also live close so I can see them and grandkids anytime. I feel blessed!
hugs Karen

Flora said...

Hello Karen, Yes you are very blessed ,my oldest dd is still in Houston with one of my grandies so that's a wonderful thing but UT Austin had one of the best programs for his career choice and we knew it was best for him to go there .It was good to hear from you again !!!

ImagiMeri said...

Oh I hear ya girlfriend. My youngest of three will be graduating next May and will be on her way, too. Thank goodness all three of my chicks are still here in Arizona with me. I'm sending you a big loving momma hug!


Flora said...

Dear Meri,
Thank you for the hug , I appreciate it. My son is still in Texas just not in Houston, Austin is about a 3 hour drive ,hard on the pocketbook and body. The only one of my 4 children is still in Houston a few minutes away but I didn't feel this intense aching in my soul when they moved away...?

Holiday Sparkle - Cyndi LaChance said...

Oh goodness......I am crying like a baby here! Mine is only heading to 4th grade (had her late in life) and I can;t image watching her go off to college. Best of luck to him in school.

Flora said...

Hello Cyndi ,I used to think how silly it was for all those moms who said all of the above look who's crying now...he was my late in life baby too . Thank you for the visit and kind comment.