Saturday, October 13, 2007

A little help

It seems both my grandbabies are still in need of a little help with their breathing, so they will stay under the oxygen hoods for a while longer. But that's ok ,I didn't like seeing them struggle with each breath they took.
Avery seems to me, to be the stronger of the two, his oxygen levels have been pretty steady with no real dips in his saturation, even though he is only on 20% . Tristan on the other hand
fluctuates much more, he's on a little more oxygen than Avery, but it makes a big difference for him.
Tristan Mandy gets to go home today, being home always made me feel better, after my long I'm sure she's getting anxious to hold them, they curl their tiny fingers around her fingers as she talks to them while their eyes start to flutter open, only for an instant...It's hard being borned! All she and Jason can do is give them gentle kisses on their delicate little backs. Mom and Dad, I'm sure, will get a chance to sleep more comfortably if not better, in their own bed. I know you can't really rest well knowing that your babies are still in the hospital, no matter where you are.


Laume said...

Just wondering how the babies are doing. Are either or both home yet?

Flora said...

Hello Laume,
My grandbabies are home now and doing fine, Thank you for asking,and they are the sweetest little babies!