Monday, October 13, 2008

Special moments in life....

My sweet grandies are growing up so fast, too fast really. They just celebrated a milestone, they are now I year olds, hard to believe. Let them eat cake!
Candy central, we put out bags so that the kids could fill them up!
Here's my sil Jason the hotdog man! Presents!!!
Having more fun with the paper and bags than the presents

All aboard!!! The Choo Choo express!
All pooped out!
As they went home each got a hobo bag on a wooden dowel filled with..Goodies!
And a fun time was had by all!


Ginny Diezel said...

Flora, the babies are beautiful! When I read your earlier post about their birthday, I was hoping you would put pictures of them on your blog. Yippee! What a wonderful day in the life of your family!

Flora said...

Thank you Ginny I agree they definitely are!!!!It was a wonderful exhausting day but the prep for it was the killer!!!

Jodi June said...

OH!!!! what fun! and just Beautiful Flora!! They take after their grammy! BEAUTIFUL!

Flora said...

Jodi!!!!!! So glad you came by to visit, I so enjoy reading your thought provoking blog!!!!!!
You are too sweet,the boys are indeed beautiful...but I'm a bit prejudiced!!hahaha!

Amy Short said...

They are soooo cute...what a dreamy special birthday! Love the ribbons on their little cars. :o) Amy

Flora said...

Yes mam', that they are!!!!!hehehe!
Thanks for the compliments!!!

Artisan Memories said...

wow...what a party...and what a beautiful family you have Flora....
its a pleasure reading a day in a life of them!!!

Laura Ann

Flora said...

They are such sweet sweet boys LA,
But I must admit after a day with them I'm ready to GO HOME!!!!!hahaha!!!

Doreen Frost said...

Flora.....what a wonderful party..and the hobo bags are fantastic.


Flora said...

Yes everything was so cute!this was my dd's idea! I didn't show all the little kids together!! I took pic' of them but only while being held with each parent,cause they were too scared?..too many to post!

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hi Flora
Thanks for the pics and good times. I really was needing my "babies" fix.
Your family is too good looking.

Flora said...

You are too kind !!!!!But when it comes to my grandies and children, I have to agree!hehehe!

Cookie said...

what fun!!!

I love the whole idea ... and having a train ? wonderful ♥

the hobo bags are a kick too! Miss hearing from you, sweets but sure sounds like you've been busy.

I still giggle when I remember your story about how you got your name (dat bone head over dere) lol

Flora said...

Wow, I feel so blessed,with all you ladies coming over to visit !!!!! Thanks for the lovely comments!!! The idea was all my dd, and that train almost wasn't due to the first one cancelling!!! But after a few tears, my dd searched the internet and found another one just in time!

Huckleberry Arts said...

They have grow so fast but still as beautiful as can be!!What fun it looks like they had


Flora said...

Thank you sweetie, good to hear from ya!! I was thinking that same thing too, where on earth has time gone? Unfortunately,I doubt they will remember anything!!! They weren't feeling too good either!!! My poor munchkins!