Thursday, July 2, 2009

Responding to ....

Sargent's Art Sculpt-It! clay, I figured it was better to answer this way about the comments. Although it isn't my most favorite clay, I really didn't mind it.
I tried to get better pictures to show how the piece looked after I took a wet stiff bristle, nylon brush and rubbed the entire surface firmly, it seemed to respond much better, than with the sanding for smoothing out the clay, but only after it had dried a couple of days . I did this so that the shrinkage and cracking would all be done with. I also rolled out the clay fairly thick and placed the wet foam core base on it and then smoothed out the ends.

Isn't it rather strange that this tophat stayed so smooth and without cracking,
but the head did have cracks and puckering.I think that the clay application to the head was much thinner and that's why it had different results? but the brim still needs some smoothing.

I think this clay would be FANTASTIC for Balljoint dollmaking ,So I'm gonna give that a go, soon...
Let me know if there are any more questions I can answer for anyone.


PEA said...

Well even though the clay gave you grief you can't tell a thing. I don't see any cracks that shouldn't be there. Your work is always so wonderful and perfect. Those pieces are gonna be awesome. Thanks for the heads up on clay. I haven't been able to get a hold of a single clay I really love. I will keep trying.
Thanks sweetie for the tips.

Yve said...

He looks fantastic either way! I wish any of these brand names made any sense to me, we get so little of the dollmaking materials you mention in the UK, sadly!

yoborobo said...

Flora - I love to see your 'how to make' posts. Someday, when I get brave, I may try to make something with clay. Maybe. :) xo Pam

vivian said...

thanks for sharing! Ive not used any paper clay, or sculpty in months! I dont think since christmas! youre making me want to play! but before I can play just for the sake of playing, I have two large bear orders to work on.. and that my friend.. is how I'm going to spend today.. at the sewing machine!
have a great 4th of july!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Hi is creepy good! I tried that clay and also had alot of cracking...which was ok since I was working with a creepy!

you make balljoint dolls????

Flora said...

Thanks everyone,they are what I'll be trying to finish today. I think
that there are certain clays unavailable here too, but for the most part it's getting better.
Yes I have made a BJD before, only one though,you can see "Raven" on the left, she's the black-haired tiny about 8", she is a WIP too.

AwtemNymf said...

I've always wondered what type of clay you and others use? Care to share your clay preference??
Happy 4th!

Flora said...

Actually I think I prefer " Activa
Activ-Clay " and "Premier ".

Nita said...

Ohh hes so cute! Looks good so far. Im excited to watch and read about new clays especialy in the airdry clay variety. I love the feel and look but, I stunk at using premere Ladoll. Pretty much gave up there.

Good luck with your next BJD!

Flora said...

Welcome and thank you for stopping into visit!!! I have to tell ya if I could do what you do with polymer , I wouldn't see why I would want to try any other kind of clay!!!

Il Girasogno said...

I am here I am here! I thought I had forgotten about you eh! eheheh
but no! I followed your explanations very carefully, because I like to try a material that should not be cooked in the oven.
Pass on my blog I made a new fairy "fairy night" I would like to know what you think
a hug


Huckleberry Arts said...

Oh I love what the Clay is turning into !!!

Flora said...

Laura and Annette,
Hello my sweeties and Thanks a bunch for stopping in!!!I'm almost finished with him Annette!!
Laura your fairy is so lovely, but you don't need me to tell you that!!!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Can't wait to see the piece finished Flora!! I haven't tried this clay and don't know that I will after reading this post....yikes!!

Flora said...

LAurie, I finished the piece and am very satisfied with how he turned out, I think I will continue to use the clay, I guess it kinda grew on me!!!