Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And now .....

Something a little easier on the eyes

Gentle Snow
A gentle snow has fallen over night,
for all to see in early morning light.
It's gossamer beauty blankets the land,
And I'm a child once again, catching
snowflakes on my hand.
A gentle snow begins to fall , I think
I'll make a snowman afterall.
by Flora Thompson

Mr. Coolie will be up for the SpookyTimeJingles update, he and Skellybat are only 2 of 6 of my ornaments. I also brought back the Pumpkin Brothers, here's
" Bubba "

This is a new character that I call

And a full puresculpt called the
" Absent-Minded Moon "

The excitement is flowing and the crowds keep growing for the upcoming celebration at " SpookyTimeJingles ", sure to be a smash, first birthday bash!!!So for a RAWKIN' rollicking, goodtime with suprizes and prizes, come on over to "SpookyTimeJingles" and you too can " co-mingle "...

I'll leave you with a few WIP's:



Doreen Frost said...

Everything is just fantastic Flora..and Mr. coolie is great!


Flora said...

Hello Doreen!!Thanks so much!!!

PEA said...

Magical as always. Bubba has stolen my heart Flora.
Have a wonderful week.

Flora said...

Many thanks sweetie, that Bubba sure has a way of getting under
your skin!!

Il Girasogno said...

i love the Absent-Minded Moon !!!!!Mr . Coolie is fantastic! you are fantastic FLORA!!!

Brandi McKenna said...

I LOOVE the crescent absent minded moon! HE is my FAVORITE! Jim was telling me the other day I should make a crescent...Where is he for sale?

Flora said...

Hey Laura and Brandi!!!
How kind of y'all to say such sweet things!! Brandi I sent you an email.

Tracy M. said...

OOo, I LOVE Bonehead, Everything else is great too but he's my fave.
See ya the 13th,
Tracy M.

Flora said...

Thanks a bunch Tracy!!!!

Sprite said...

OH I LOVE THESE! Are these up for sale? I want one of your creations FLORA!


Flora said...

Hello again Sprite !!!You are so sweet to say that!!! Yes these are for the SpookyTimeJingles Anniversary update on the 13th!!!

Jamie Lott said...

I wondered whether I was the only person who used her seam ripper to cut her glad to see I'm not alone. My mother - the seamstress - would be horrified! ;)


Flora said...

Jamie,WELCOME!!!It's not a seam ripper though it's a surgical knife...!! Thanks for visiting with me, please come by again!!!!