Monday, July 6, 2009

Things that go bump....

In the night....


In a place void of light
quite hidden from sight
He waits to take flight
in that cold,dusky night.

by Flora Thompson

Yes he is CREEPY !!!!HELLO!!!! what were you expecting? hehehe!!!


Treasured Wishes said...

Flora, he is creepy! But you did an awesome job on him, yep scares me LOL

Doreen Frost said...

Flora...he's fantastic...i absolutely love him...i've been really liking skelly's lately....they are great and yours is A#1.


Il Girasogno said...

it's dreadfully sweet!!!

vivian said...

yes, but there is something quite appealing about "your creepy" something still that is quite cute!
Love your skelly bat. Though I must admit, that I love everything you make!
have a sweet week Flora!

Kat said...

A wee-bit creepy, bu I think he is more endearing than creepy. He smiles like he is trying too hard.

Unknown said...

Creepy is good....Fear is good for the heart...Love it

Sonia ;)

yoborobo said...

He is wonderfully creepy!!! I love him.

Georgina said...

Love the skelly bat and your poem!

Ghoulie Girls said...

Love it!! He's a creepy kind of way ;)

magikalseasons said...

Creepy yes but also cute in his own way!:) Becca

Flora said...

AHAHAHA!!!! I knew there were creepy girls inside of y'all waiting to come out!!! Thanks for the wonderful feed back!!

Tracy M. said...

Great creepy goodness!!!

Flora said...

Thank you Tracey!!!

PEA said...

A wee bit creepy never hurt me, YOu should see me in the Morning. Now that is down right ScaREY! LOL

Another piece of your art to admire.

Flora said...

AHAHAHA!!! Pea,I know what you mean!!!I walk around like one of my creepy dolls most of the time!!!