Thursday, July 9, 2009


Absent-minded moon

Where Did I..?

Now where did I put that star ?
I saw her sparkle and glimmer from afar.
Then tucked her in safely on starlight at dawn
or was it moonbeams that I placed her on?
It might have been in stardust,very near to twilight
But still far enough from midnight !
by Flora Thompson


fleshing out

Trying out a different head

settling on this one, who was initialy going to be a hanging ornie

fleshing out hands.


sanding needed

The excitement is flowing and the crowds keep growing for the upcoming celebration at " SpookyTimeJingles ", sure to be a smash, first birthday bash!!!So for a RAWKIN' rollicking, goodtime with suprizes and prizes, come on over to "SpookyTimeJingles" and you too can " co-mingle "...



By Way of Salem said...

Those are great hands. It's not easy to do either! You've got talent for it. Good job! Bag #1 - Jeannine

Doreen Frost said...

Good you have such a gift!!! LOOK at those hands!

Flora..I had no idea when I saw Mr. Coolie yesterday that he would be arriving at my home today!!! THANK are so sweet..look for your swap item soon..I"ll be mailing it on Monday!!!


Flora said...

AWWWW Doreen , Thank you very much for the kind words ,I hope you enjoy him for a long time!!!

Flora said...

Jeannine, Bag#1,WELCOME!!!! So glad you found me and Thanks a bunch for the kind comment, please come again!! GREAT AVATAR!!! hahaha!!!SO FUN!!!

MLBetterly said...

Oh Flora! He is wonderful! I just love the whimsical characters you sculpt! Fabulous!

snippetgirl said...

AMAZING!!!! Just wonderful!

Flora said...

Moriah WELCOME!!! Thanks a bunch to both of you for the sweet comment!!!

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

I LOVE HIM Flora!!! What a grin;~)He is awesome and his little poem is awesome too:)
Great hands!!


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Another masterpiece! Love the expressive hands.

Flora said...

Jaqui and Cathy!!!Hello Girls!!!
Thanks for coming over to visit me and for the kind comments!!!

mIzZ (hONeY) bEe aka Marlene said...

Hi Flora...its been a while since I left a note for are truly amazing...Mr. Moon is too cool..thanks for sharing...have a honey of a night - sweet dreams! grace & peace 2 U, Marlene

Flora said...

Marlene, Yes it has been a while!!!
Thanks for coming by to visit with me againand for the sweet comments!!! Hope all is well with you and much luck on your new blog too!!!

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Hi Flora~
I know that I was sending my Under the Sea, doll by the very last second.
But, I have to say, I was so busy working, and the best part, was getting my son into college. That was allot of work. But, I did it!

I want very much, for you to see my "doll". So please, go see her.
It would mean so much to me.

Flora said...

Amy, Congratulations on your son entering college and your sweet Rowan making her First Communion!!!
Your mermaid is just sooooo beautiful!!!I think everything about her is just perfect!!

PEA said...

You are so kind to show how to's. It really helps me see the magic you create. Moon man is wonderfully luminescent. The red and white make him Pop.
Ah to create with clay... maybe someday.

Il Girasogno said...

Flora I thought it was already beautiful but your moon is spectacular! Can I ask you something? achieved when the base uses the epoxy resin to hold the position?
I love your work

Il Girasogno said...

ops my comment is gone? l Your moon is fantastic! I can make you a question? use epoxy to hold the installation of your creatures when put into the base?

Unknown said...

I love when you show stages and share how to's makes me inspired to keep trying new techniques ...Thank you...

Sonia ;)

Moon is handsome I must say.

Sprite said...

Hi Flora! How great is this guy! Too weird I made a moon face (polymer) ornament recently too! Love where your mind goes. I always appreciate the progress shots! :) Your space looks like so much fun, I want to play in it!

Have a great weekend sweetie!


Flora said...

Pea, Someday is today!!! Just do it, get a feel for the clay and have fun, start small and go from there, I'll answer questions, ok ?
Laura, thank you much for the comment and I sent you an email!!!
Hello Sonia and you are soooo very welcomed, Thanks for taking the time to stop and visit!!!
SPRITE!!!! I didn't know you were having surgery,??!!! You can come on over and play anytime you start feeling better!!!Take good care of yourself!!! Love how your elements
sculpt is coming out!!

Unknown said...

I am always so amazed with I visit your blog. You have these little bits of wire and other pieces of white stuff and then all of a sudden here is this fantastic item. Oh to have such skill ;)

Flora said...

M, thank you for the kind words,
It's always good to hear from you!!

Catherine said...

Hi Flora,
I love your creative work! The sculptures and poems are beautiful ! I am inspired to be more creative, wish I stopped by sooner! Have a wonderful day.

Flora said...

I'm so glad you found me none the
less!!!I do hope you continue to come by and visit!!

twinkle teaches said...

I love seeing your creative process. And the moon's grin totally rocks!
:) tina

Jorge de Rojas said...

Hi Flora,
I just found your blog and must say I am blown away by your wonderful work. Such creative creative images and excellent craftsmanship. You have inspired me to no end. I am now a devoted follower.

Flora said...

Tina how are you?,thank you for the visit and the lovely comment too!!
Jorge!!!It's been a VERY long time I'm so glad you came by to visit!!! Thanks so much for the kind comments, I enjoy your creations more and more everytime I see them!!!

Debrina said...

found you through a blog that is currently participating in a collaboration that Seth from the Altered Page set up on the 16th ...
I've just recently got back into art dolls. My two little paper clay wire armatures are currently sitting in my hotwater cupboard drying out...
You've just given me the courage to continue on with them - as I haven't used paper clay before. I like how you then superimpose the clay with sculpy (is that what you have done?).
Great work. Added you to my list of Blogs I love...

Flora said...

Debrina, WELCOME, I'm So glad you found me!!! I love your atc's, did you draw the lovely blue nude, simply gorgeous!!! the only clay I use is airdry . so all you see here is air dry, different kinds, because I like to experiment!!! Many thanks for the add!!!

Whisperings 13 said...

:::sigh::: you blow me away!
well done indeed!

Flora said...

Thank you so much Trace!!!Your kind comments and visit are so appreciated!!

Nancy Perennec Maker said...

Love your work Flora!

Flora said...

WELCOME !!!! Thank you for stopping by and for the sweet comment!! I enjoyed everything on your blog!!!

b.b.flockling * Rose said...

Warm greetings, Flora,
There is a real soft spot in my heart for *Celestial bodies*...I LOVE your endearingly absent minded moon! I will definately be making some late night visits to this wonderfully whimsical place and look forward to getting to know you and your work better! Rose

Flora said...

WELCOME ROSE!!!!Many thanks for
taking the time to visit my blog
and for leaving such a sweet comment
about my moon and by all means please do come back!!! I will be doing the same to yours, I hope I don't leave a mess as I drool over your confections!!!!