Tuesday, July 21, 2009

All together at last!!!!

Well I guess Buford will have to put up with his other brother's shenannigans after all!!

He was the only one of the pumpkin brothers left and as perturbed as he was with them I think he secretly missed them but thanks to the lovely Anne, who purchased the other brothers they will be all together at last!!!
I have to say that I appreciate all my customers, the responses I get from them are so sweet and so heart warming and much appreciated too!!!
I have permission to share parts of this email from Anne, so that you could see the ditty she took the time to compose !!!!

Hello Flora,
I got home late last night, and found that your package had arrived.....hooray!!
When I opened the first pumpkin man, it was Beauregard. He is absolutely darling! The grin on his face is priceless.
Bubba is so cute, and the expression on his face is wonderful.
Bubba and Beauregard are true Southern gents,
It's a shame to leave Buford alone on the fence
So, pack him up and lets keep the brothers three
Then forward another paypal to me

Thank you so much, it was a treat to open this box!

I thought it was too cute not to share!!! Thanks a bunch Anne, maybe I'll get you to do my poems/ditties from now on?!!!!!

I also need to say something about another wonderful, regular customer of mine, who I truly adore, her emails are so funny!!! I blogged just a little bit about her not long ago and I wanted so much to share one particular email of hers too. But I think I would have had to post all of her delightful and hilarious words in order for it to be truly appreciated, I had to respect her privacy so I couldn't... Yes Ms.Dana, I'm talking about you!!!



Anonymous said...

Flora those Pumpkins are not only cute but also hilarious! Anne is a lucky woman to have all three...

I want you to notify me when you put new stuff up!!!
PLEASE!!!! : )

Pattee ~

* do you paint those eyes on the sweet little dears I have or do you buy realllllt small eyes?

Unknown said...

Ha ha ha! I love Buford's face. You are so darned awesome at sculpting Flora. Man!

Flora said...

HELLO Ladies!!! Y'all are so sweet thanks for the visit and comments!!
Patte,The eyes of the "Wumblies" are
miniature glass eyes!!!!
Which new stuff Pattee?or just any new stuff? Let me know ok?

Chicken Lips said...

Your creations truly brighten the day of anyone who sees them! It's no wonder your customers give you glowing reviews!

Anonymous said...

I love him Flora! I'm so glad he gets to be with his brothers again.

PJHornbergerFolkArtist.com said...

Great face on that pumkin! Fun post.

Flora said...

David, Sugar D.D. and PJ!!!
Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comments!!
PJ WELCOME!!!!I love to hear from new visitors anytime, too!!!

yoborobo said...

Oh, I'm very happy those 3 get to stay together. And that poem was adorable. :)

Flora said...

Hello Yoborobo!!!Me TOO!!!HAHAHA!!!
and yes it is too cute ,you should see the other one she sent me !!

William Bezek said...

Very Cute!!!

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

~Oh, they do belong together.
Smart lady, that Anne w/ an e,lady is !(i'v been reading Anne of Green Gables)
Flora, I love your creations, they make me so happy!

Flora said...

Hello William and Amy , I'm so glad you two stopped by!!!Thanks a bunch for the kind comments too!!!

magikalseasons said...

Wonderful with a Happy Halloween ending! :) Becca

Flora said...

We're all for happy endings aren't we Becca?!!!! Welcome!!!Thank you for stopping in!!!

PEA said...

Ah so wonderful and yet so sad for me that none of them can come visit a ol pea... but I am happy they will be reunited and joyful at last. I know they would just get into mischief here. LOL

Flora said...

Awww that was cute!!!HEY PEA!!! How's it going? I was over to Etsy and took a peek at your lovelies, they are too cute!!!GREAT WORK!!!

twinkle teaches said...

Love the pumpkins and that is a cute letter from Anne. :)

Flora said...

Hey Tina!!!, Yes I thought the poem was too cute not to show!!!

PEA said...

Heya Flora,
It is going well. Thank you and thank you again. Such sweet words. really appreciate it. Gots to get busy. No many ideas and so little time.

FairiesNest said...

Magical as always Flora!

Flora said...

Hey FairiesNest!!!!
Thanks a bunch!!!

Huckleberry Arts said...

Wow you have been busy and amazing as usual !!

I wanted to thank you for Donating Bunnie O hare to the 48 for Larry Auction This weekend She is here

Have a beautiful weekend

Bonnie Lee Fontaine said...

I just caught up on ALL your new work...you are SO prolific! Your fabulous skill of creating personality and expressive faces never ceases to amaze me, as well as all the different types of items you create. Awesome work! :o)

Flora said...

Hello Ladies!!! I;m so glad y'all stopped by !!!! Many thanks for the lovely comments!!
Annette thanks for the link, I hope she does well for Larry!!!
Bonnie,I only wish I was as prolific
as some others are, but I just can't seem to crank em out like I should?
Did ya notice I put my slide up top so that those who want a quieter visit can turn off the music?

LuLu Kellogg said...

Hi Flora~
I just stumbled across your Blog through another blog and your work is just awesome! I just love EVERYTHING!

LuLu Kellogg :)

Flora said...

HEllo and WELCOME LULU!!!!
So glad you found me and I you !!!
Thanks a bunch for the lovely words and visit!!!Please do come back!!
BTW Your blog is SOOOOO YUMMY!!