Wednesday, September 5, 2007

About Blog Title

It might have been a good idea for me to have explained my blog title before I did anything else , anyone looking at it might also think "what a bone head name!" I don't mind saying that at times my ideas are a bit ''bone headed'' too, but that's not why I chose the name. The real reason is that my son , who was around 3 at the time, had been helping me put up Halloween decorations and when we were finished, I asked what he thought of everything. In a quiet voice, with eyes wide open, he meekly said "I like ebby ting but dat bone head ober dare! " , as he pointed to my recent and most favorite decoration hanging from the ceiling. The " bone head" was a light sensitive, motion and sound activated skull, so once it got going it took a lot to stop it. The eyes would flash and the jaws would start clacking, then it would let out an eerie deep, sinister laugh as it bobbed all around. So you can imagine how scarey something like that might look to a 3 yr old.
I still have that "bone head" and I still put it up every Halloween, although my bone head isn't what it used to be anymore ( he's gotten kinda deaf ) he still has his old familiar place at the doorway. My son is becoming a young man now, all of 12-1/2 yrs , and ''old bone head'' became his favorite too.


Sandra Caldwell said...

Flora...I think that was a wonderful story.
Kids influence out lives so much. And those of us who listen to them...I mean really listen. Hear what they say. And it stays with us forever.
My Granddaughter asked me one day...can I color one of those doodles picutres...I said sure Babycakes..Tah Tah. My name!
I love your name...Good choice... You Halloween is wonderful, and Bonehead suits your work.

Flora said...

Sandra so sweet of you to visit me! Your story is adorable too, My son has always been a source of pride to me but then all my children make me proud, They are my role models.