Saturday, November 10, 2007

My what a long nose you have!

It's been a while since I've posted anything, Grandbabies and life in general have a way of keeping you busy with more important " stuff " (and my house is still a mess!!!!), but I managed to finish my "Snow Princess" tonight, she was fun to make, although she also took longer than I expected her to.

These are photos I took as I was working on her, I think I got carried away with her nose length,, but I kinda like the way it looks.... and she's not complaining, so it stays!

I wasn't too sure about making her a little dirty either, the white looked good too, I just wanted her to look a little different, so she's a "dirty/grubby" Snow Princess...and she's not complaining!

She does look a little sad eyed though, I'll have to do something about that on the next dolls I make.

Positioned, gessoed and hung to dry. Looks like she has a bit of some cellulite going on here!
I need to figure out how to stuff my dolls a little differently so as not to have that won't show anyway but it is a little bothersome.

She still needs a little more eye makeup, all in all I think
she looks pretty good and the antiquing came out better than I expected. I do like the long necks too, all my dolls seem to want to look upwards...some subconscious thing I suppose? and their heads tilt some, to the left, usually.
I'll have to put up more photos tomorrow.....or later.


sadie pink said...

I think her nose is perfect. What beautiful work you do! Love it!

Flora said...

Sadie I like your blog and i love your choice of music!I have never heard of the singer or his music, but it is so unique and whimsical!