Thursday, July 17, 2008

" The Promise "....

“ The Promise ”

I promise to wait for you, come what may,
Time will stand still until that time and day.
My thoughts of you, will carry me through.
Till then my love, I promise to wait for you.
by Flora Thompson
This is my newest halloween doll for " The Humble Arts " A Vampire waiting " In vain " (..hehehe!) for her love to return.
She is a multi-media clay over cloth "bust" doll, around 13-1/4" tall. Contact me for any questions if you are interested in her. In the meantime here are more pic's for you to see her progress.

her eyes were too narrow here so redid them!


Jodi June said...

Simply AMAZING! I just LOVE looking at your transformation pictures. You are a ROCK STAR! & an amazing artist of course... Ü

Flora said...

AHAHAHA!!!! You are a hoot sweetie!
Thanks for the great comments!!!!

jeannette said...

Oh MY she is stunning!! beautiful work!

Flora said...

Thank you for taking the time to visit for the sweet comments!