Friday, August 8, 2008

Hooligans and Confections...


If you have a trinket or two
I can hide a few.
No one will know except
me and you!
That it's safe and snug inside
by Flora Thompson

Halloween hooligans and Christmas confections doll/ornaments,all can be found at Spookytime Jingles I guess everyone has figured out that it's almost time for the August offerrings to begin for STJ. Which is on the 13th of each month. And this little cutie is one of my newest designs, I have one more " Trinket Box " and 3 more offerrings. So please go take a look and if you see something you like let me know! I'll leave you with some before and after pic's of my work.


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Just got off of the STJ Flickr photostream and left you comments. Love your posted pictures!!!!

Flora said...

Than you Laurie, I love hearing from you!!!!

~dani~ said...

Really wonderful. I always sooo appreciate the before and after pics. So much time and care go into each one of your is soooo obvious. Love this new design!

Flora said...

I'm glad you like them Dani, thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment.

Sherry's Cabin said...

That is adorable! I can hardly wait to see what you've got for STJ on the 13th!
Hugs and Blessings,

Flora said...

Good to have you visit! I only have 4 little trinkets this time!!!
I was behind because of my vacation then I went and caught a nasty bug.....blah blah blah, always an excuse, hahaha !!!!Thanks for dropping by!!!!

marjo said...

Hi Flora,
I really love your blog and I have left you an award at my blog.
If you don't wish to post the prize on your blog for any reason please feel free to do so!
Keep up the good work!

Flora said...

Marjo thank you so much for the award, it was so very kind of you to think of me!!!

Annie said...

Flora..I love Bitty.Boo!! It's amazing that lump of clay turns into that adorable little girl.!! I love the before pictures to see the process!!
Much love to!
Hugs Annie

Flora said...

Thank you Annie!!!!! I do love working with the airdry clay, one pic is actually of the one I didn't like and the next is how I redid it.Thanks for stopping by!!!

Kristine said...

Hi Flora!!!
Your creations are gorgeous...but not as gorgeous as that little Kinsley! precious!!!
thanks for stopping by and leaving me a sweet comment!!!
Thank You!!!!
Kristine xx

Flora said...

Isn't she just the sweetest baby!!!!!!

Chicken Lips said...

Flora - thanks for the kind words. It is always such an honor when an artist of your talent admires my work! Thanks!

Flora said...

AWWWWW you sweet talker you! Seriously though David, I'm glad you stopped by and left me such a gracious comment.