Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm back.........

My short but exhausting mini vacation is over, my husband and son thought it would be great fun to go diamond hunting in this hotter than hell " Crater Diamond " place in Arkansas...not!!!!!!!!
Ok maybe a little fun, but only a little, minus the skeeter bites and the sunburn and sweat, I did find some lovely quartz crystals, pyrite and geodes but alas no diamonds!
We stopped along the way and got to visit some great antique shops, needless to say I came home with lots of goodies!
We also got to be in Canton for the "first monday auction" and I filled up on lots of wonderful " gotta haves!" So I guess it wasn't so bad afterall!
Now, what to do with all my new " old stuff "........?
And the fun never stops, now we find out that we are getting a visit from tropical storm " Eduard ",the last tropical storm that came for a "visit" was " Allison " in 2005 I think, and my whole subdivision was in about 3-4 feet of water, it literally looked like a lake! The days that followed were no better, as we began to clean up and remove our irreplaceable possessions, all damaged beyond repair. I thank the good lord that none of us were hurt, but it definitely tested my faith at the time!
I do have some good news to tell y'all, my sweet friend Sandra of "Babycakes Designs" nominated me for an award at " Whymzees Art and Friends " and although I didn't make the honor roll I did get an honorable mention!!!!! YAY !!!!! THANK YOU SANDRA!!!!! Scroll down and look to the right of the blog and there it is, they said some lovely things, so if you have time go take a peek!
Well the rain is starting to get nasty outside and I can hear the thunder so that's my cue to get off the computer...Bye!


Sandra Caldwell said...

Congrats Flora...soon as you get that website....I see a full story coming....you got my vote!
You are a STAR in my book !! Just love your work sweetie.
Hugs Sandra

Flora said...

Sandra thank you, glad to "see" you again!!!